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Vintage Moped Manuals Wanted!

We looking for either quality PDF copies or original owner’s manual booklets, literature, service and repair manuals and any other useful information that we can upload into our Manuals and Technical section and share with our readers and visitors.


It has always been our policy that copies of these types of materials be shared and never sold. We would like to continue to build up a reliable and useful library of  these types of materials and could use anything that you have and others may need.

Some of the pdf copies of manuals listed here were accumulated from other websites like Linda’s Project Moped ManualMoped Army’s Wiki page, Moped Riders Assoc, etc, and also a few were sent to me by French moped legend, Rebel Moby.  It is really hard to give proper ownership or copyright credit to any of these documents when I am not sure who to credit. If a document listed here belongs to you and was published without your permission, let me know and I will remove it from my site and offer you my sincere apology.

If any of the original documents, diagrams, tool plans, wiring diagrams or links were of any benefit to you, please let me know as well so I can continue to add more similar items to my site.

Thanks, Shelly

General Moped Maintenance

Sears Allstate (Puch) 2 Stroke Motorcycles and Scooters

Sears Allstate (Puch) Twingle Motorcycles


Bermuda (Flandria)

Cat Eye BL-700 Turn Signals


French (Misc early models)

Foxi GT





Minarelli V1 Engine

Montgomery Ward Riverside (Benelli Engine)

Morini Franco M1 M01 M02


Moto Guzzi


Piaggio (See Vespa)




Solo Odyssey

Sparta (see Foxi)



General 2 stroke Engine Manual