About Our Mopeds

What we sell

We sell good quality used, reconditioned and beautifully restored vintage pedal mopeds. Almost all of them are from European manufacturers that are no longer in existence but you may also find on occasion a Japanese made Honda Hobbit or two. We don’t sell scooters of any type. Our focus has always been on high-end and hard to find bikes with a strong emphasis on Puch mopeds.  

Why Puch?

 We refurbish many different makes and models of pedal mopeds, however, when it comes to full restorations, we try to keep our focus on the Puch moped line of the late 70’s through early 80’s. Puch mopeds were simple, well-built with quality parts and they also had a good variety of nice looking models to choose from when they were originally being sold new. The chrome plating was also of fairly good quality which has allowed a good percentage of it to withstand the test of time. Without good clean chrome, a restoration is not possible and re-chroming is cost prohibitive on most bikes. The engines are reliable, very simple by design and available in either a single or two-speed version. Parts are also readily available to rebuild and maintain the engines along with an almost endless possibility of performance enhancement parts.   Without the reliability of the engines and the parts availability for them, we wouldn’t be able to offer warranties on all our engines. There are other reasons as well why we have chosen Puch as our preferred moped to bring back to life but the number one reason is simply the availability of the mopeds themselves within proximity of us. We rely on a large stock of old Puch mopeds and parts to draw from when completing each and every restoration project that we do. When mopeds were in their heyday back in the late 70’s, there were many, many different makes available and dealers all over the US were selling them. It seems that certain regions of the country had higher ratios of certain mopeds. The Midwest for whatever reason seems to have a very high availability of old Puchs still tucked away in old barns and sheds. We buy used Puch mopeds and parts from all over the Midwest region including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South and North Dakota, Illinois, Nebraska and Michigan

Puchs without backgrounds

 What about the cost?

By focusing mainly on one make of moped, it allows us to stock most of the parts that are needed to complete high quality restorations quickly for our customers and even more importantly, keep the cost affordable. To purchase a basic but fully restored Puch Maxi, you’re going to pay around $1600.00 delivered. It may sound like a lot but when you take in consideration the amount labor and new parts that go into each bike, it truly is a bargain. If you restored it yourself, you could easily pay half of that just in paint and graphics. The cost of the new moped was around $400.00 in 1978 . With an inflationary measure calculated in that means that a Maxi would have cost around $1600.00 at today’s dollar value. Also, every moped that has either been reconditioned or restored also includes a warranty. We don’t think you will find that same offer anywhere else in the country.

Are all your mopeds stock?

For the most part, yes. In order for us to offer a warranty on all our rebuilt engines, we need to keep things mostly stock. However, we do hidden and very mild performance modifications to most of our mopeds but they are not visible to the eye. We try to give all our bikes a little extra boost of power without compromising reliability through a combination of  minor porting, air cleaner de-restricting, carburetor re-jetting and timing. Typically, most of our rebuilt engines will have more torque and a top speed of about 35 mph. It is not a huge leap in performance, but it does make the riding experience a little better without giving up any stock appeal.