1978-gray-custom-puch-magnum-19 1978-gray-custom-puch-magnum-16

When you ride a restored and modified Puch Magnum of this quality for the first time, make sure you know the area that you are traveling in, for you will lose all sense of time and direction! Everything you thought you knew about vintage mopeds will disappear faster than the objects in your bar-end rear view mirror. It is fast; very fast! It is also lightweight, mechanically tight and hugs every curve and corner that you encounter, giving you a reassuring nod. Whether you are feeling the need for a quick performance run to the neighborhood store or you are looking for a cross-country trip across the state of Washington, the rider positioning and comfort is outstanding and non-fatiguing

1978-gray-custom-puch-magnum-34 1978-gray-custom-puch-magnum-33 1978-gray-custom-puch-magnum-23 1978-gray-custom-puch-magnum-8

 1978-gray-custom-puch-magnum-14 1978-gray-custom-puch-magnum-21 1978-gray-custom-puch-magnum-25 1978-gray-custom-puch-magnum-10 

1978-gray-custom-puch-magnum-9 1978-gray-custom-puch-magnum-4 1978-gray-custom-puch-magnum-50

If you are interested in having Sunday Morning Motors build you a customized Puch Magnum, please feel free to contact us with questions.

Sexy, beautiful and an absolutely perfect custom Puch Magnum that will take your breath away. This is one bike that really needs to be seen in person to really appreciate all the craftsmanship that was put into it’s creation. Stunning white reflective paint sparkles under the sun. Shiny bits of chrome and polished aluminum are well balanced against the satin black frame and wheels. The fully rebuilt engine was modified to be every bit as reliable as a stock moped, but with performance enhancements that will allow you to cruise all day long over 40mph. This custom vintage moped loves to be looked at almost as much as it likes to be ridden.

White Puch0061 White Puch0091

The custom built Puch started out as a commissioned project by a young local woman from the Minneapolis area. She sent us the barn fresh Magnum XK, and together we started working on plans for her ultimate dream moped that could keep up with her professional bicycle racing boyfriend. After many months of planning and accumulating parts, we began to build “Casper“.  Shortly after we began the build, she was involved in a terrible accident that left her unable to ride again, at least in the foreseeable future. We purchased the uncompleted project from her, and decided to finish what we started.

White Puch0041 White Puch0031 White Puch0011 White Puch0081 White Puch0001  White Puch0051 White Puch0071 White Puch000d

This wonderful Puch “Casper” is available now if you would like to purchase it. You can also put a down-payment as little as $400.00 and we will hold it until this Spring! It is a titled moped that can be shipped anywhere in the continental US. Contact us for more information or purchase it now here . 30 day warranty on the entire bike and free delivery within the Minneapolis, St Paul or St Cloud areas. $2650.00

1984 Puch Cobra-19 1984 Puch Cobra-1

This professionally restored and mildly customized 1984 Puch Cobra is fresh out of our shop and ready to take you wherever you want to go, as long as you want to get there quickly! Beneath it’s mild mannered and mostly stock appearance lives a small fire-breathing dragon that comes to life as soon as you twist the throttle. You can travel effortlessly all day long at 40 mph while having the ability to reach a top-speed of 50 MPH when needed. It is a perfect balance of reliability, performance, beauty and sound.

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1983 Puch Maxi-2 1983 Puch Maxi-1

1979 Motobecane VLA-2 1979 Motobecane VLA-1

This absolutely beautiful 1979 Moby 50VLA is the second in a series of brand new mopeds that Sunday Morning Motors is offering up for sale. This classic and well-built French beauty sat for decades in the back of an old warehouse, and had never been assembled or started until now. It is not cosmetically perfect due to it sitting unboxed for many years, but the brilliant shiny paint and chrome will overshadow any small flaws. The original tires and grips were replaced with new ones due to natural age deterioration, but other than that, it is 100% original and new.   It doesn’t matter whether you are navigating the city streets of of a big city, climbing the hills of Tennessee, or just cruising a local neighborhood, this moped is the best of the best!  $1499.00

The 50VLA is the top of the line Motobecane 50V series. It has all the same specifications  but with upgraded alloy mag wheels, high-end seat and a beautiful black finish. You can read more about this particular bike’s history here.

Magnum XK Restored-3 Magnum XK Restored-1

Fully restored 1978 Puch Magnum XK. New paint, graphics, rebuilt engine and carb, rebuilt wheels. Engine upgraded with mild 70cc cylinder and chambered exhaust. Top speed of 42 MPH! $2495.00

UPDATE! This moped was just recently sold but due to medical issues, the new owner has decided go with a different style of bike. This moped is up for sale again. Please call or email us for more information!


1978 Green Maxi Luxe-2 1978 Green Maxi Luxe-1

Reconditioned 1978 Green Puch Maxi Luxe. This moped features a rebuilt high-torque single speed E50 engine, rebuilt wheels, new brakes, new tires and more. We also installed a larger carb, stiffer clutch springs and custom tuned this moped to navigate areas of hillier terrain. This moped is in excellent cosmetic condition and should easily last another 35 plus years with minimal maintenance. $995.00

1979 Gold Maxi II-2 1979 Gold Maxi II-3

A Puch Maxi II moped is in our opinion, the perfect Puch step-thru! You get all the desirable lightweight, functional and dependability features of a Maxi-Luxe but with the added benefit of the 2 speed automatic ZA50 engine! This gold Maxi II was just fully reconditioned from front to back, and now sports a rebuilt high-torque 2 speed engine, rebuilt wheels, new tires, new graphics and many other parts and components. Like every reconditioned moped that leaves our shop, this bike was completely disassembled, and each part right down to the last nut and bolt, was cleaned and polished. Every part was inspected prior to reassembly to better than new specs!  This Puch rides and feels like new with added power to boot!  $1295.00

1980 Copper Moby-2 1980 Copper Moby-1

This is a brand-new 1980 copper 30 mph version Moby 50VL.  This moped was just started for the first time and runs perfect. Though the original Michelin tires that came on the bike were never used, for safety reasons we installed a set of new, better quality tires.  This moped sat in an old warehouse for 3 1/2 decades, so it is not cosmetically perfect, but it is still beautiful! Rear chrome wheel has some corrosion and the paint has some staining, chipping and minor scratches.  It is not 100% perfect, but how many people can say that they own a new Motobecane that is 36 years old! $1499.00.

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1978 Maxluxe Green-4 1978 Maxluxe Green-3

This Puch Maxi Luxe is in Excellent cosmetic condition and mechanically perfect.

As with all of our reconditioned mopeds, this one has been gone through from front to back with each piece being polished or replaced along the way.

With a newly rebuilt E50 engine reaching speeds of 30+ MPH, a rebuilt carb, new tires and brakes plus more, this moped should last another 38 years. $995.00