*Restored* 1984 Puch Cobra Moped

Posted: 02/04/2019 in Search Our Archive (no longer available)

1984 Puch Cobra-19 1984 Puch Cobra-1

This professionally restored and mildly customized 1984 Puch Cobra is fresh out of our shop and ready to take you wherever you want to go, as long as you want to get there quickly! Beneath it’s mild mannered and mostly stock appearance lives a small fire-breathing dragon that comes to life as soon as you twist the throttle. You can travel effortlessly all day long at 40 mph while having the ability to reach a top-speed of 50 MPH when needed. It is a perfect balance of reliability, performance, beauty and sound.

Part of the restoration process included new paint, graphics, tires, brakes, cables, rebuilt and modified single speed E50 engine, larger carburetor, high-flow air filter, new performance chamber exhaust, rebuilt wheels, speedometer, engine temperature gauge and more. We also replaced the tall stock handlebars with a set of mid-rise bars to improve rider positioning as well as over-all aesthetics.

Imagine the long envious stares you will receive while cruising around on this beautiful hard to find moped. And if it’s good looks don’t catch someone’s attention, the unique sound coming from the exhaust will!  $2199.00

As with all of our restored mopeds, we offer a 30 day warranty on the entire machine, as well as free delivery to the Minneapolis/St Paul/St Cloud areas.

You can purchase this Cobra now, or contact us with questions. You also have an option of reserving this moped for up to 60 days for as little as $749.00

1984 Puch Cobra-25 1984 Puch Cobra-24 1984 Puch Cobra-22 1984 Puch Cobra-21

1984 Puch Cobra-17 1984 Puch Cobra-12 1984 Puch Cobra-11 1984 Puch Cobra-3

More about the Puch Cobra (US Model)

Puch had been producing a small European shifter motorcycle model for years that was called a Cobra but it was never exported to the US for sale. The following is about the Puch Cobra moped that was first exported specifically for the US market in 1984. They have no similarities to each other than the manufacturer and the model name.

In 1984 the Puch Cobra moped was introduced as a replacement for the Magnum models in the US. It is somewhat shorter in height and also lighter than its predecessor.  It used a combination of parts from different Maxi models and a Kromag tube frame very similar to the JC Penney Pinto but with some modifications including a top support bar. The lower engine and chain side covers are the same as the Magnum XK but the upper side covers are of a new design.  The tank and seat were also redesigned and specific to this new model. The engine chosen for this first year model was the reliable and efficient Puch E50. It was a 2 stroke 50cc single speed automatic engine that had some new improvements done to it like a heavier duty clutch, improved crankshaft and connecting rod, updated transmission gear and a redesigned lighting circuit. (Later year models would include ZA50 2 speed models). The front fork assembly and rear swing arm are identical to the Maxi models and the front stainless fender from a Maxi Sport. The rear rack assembly design was repurposed from a Pinto.

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