Wiring Diagram Page

Original Sunday Morning Motors wiring diagrams are free to download and use!

Unique and easy to read. Each circuit on separate pages. Try them now and enjoy!

Each diagram is created to make diagnosing or understanding your mopeds wiring much more comprehensive through the use of:

  • Curved and non-symetrical lines. This allows your eyes to follow the wires much easier.
  • Full color diagrams
  • Layered circuits so you can look at just what you are trying to understand
  • Helpful notes
  • Designed for complete novices to seasoned professionals

Please feel free to link them to your website as long as you are not attempting to profit from their use. Because I update discrepancies or changes without notice, please link them and not download them for access and redistribution.  If you found any of these wiring diagrams beneficial to you or if you have certain diagrams that you would like done, please contact me and let me know so I can try to add them. Thank You!

wiring diagram

Sunday Morning Motors Wiring Diagrams

Puch Horn circuit diagrams and a explanation of how they work