1980 Copper Moby-2 1980 Copper Moby-1

This is a brand-new 1980 copper 30 mph version Moby 50VLC.  This moped was just started for the first time and runs perfect. Though the original Michelin tires that came on the bike were never used, for safety reasons we installed a set of new, better quality tires.  This moped sat in an old warehouse for 3 1/2 decades, so it is not cosmetically perfect, but it is still beautiful! Rear chrome wheel has some corrosion and the paint has some staining, chipping and minor scratches.  It is not 100% perfect, but how many people can say that they own a new Motobecane that is 36 years old!

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1980 Puch Magnum II-1 1980 Puch Magnum II-2

Reconditioned 1980 Puch Magnum II with some minor modifications. This particular moped originally came with chrome spoked wheels, but we swapped them out for a set of snowflake style mags with new Michelin tires and installed a set of  mid-rise handlebars. The rebuilt 2 speed automatic engine is tuned perfectly, and will perform better than new in areas with larger hills. The Magnum II is a great bike, and is lighter than the Magnum MKII because it utilizes front and rear spring suspension and doesn’t include the 2 stroke oil injection system. Read the rest of this entry »

1979 Magnum MKII-2 1979 Magnum MKII-1

Puch Magnums have always topped the lists of desirable mopeds and the 1979 MKII is what keeps it on that list. Hydraulic suspension, oil injection and a automatic 2 speed gives this bike the ability to be enjoyed by everyone from the budget conscience college kid trying to make it around campus to the demanding business executive who needs to navigate the downtown traffic. Read the rest of this entry »

1978 Green MaxiLuxe-20  1978 Green MaxiLuxe-21

Here is an absolutely pristine and beautiful Puch step-thru moped that looks like new and runs better than new. This Maxi Luxe was fully restored by Sunday Morning Motors for a customer a few years ago, and received new paint, graphics, tires, rebuilt engine, rebuilt carb, new cables, brakes and more. It was babied and treasured and  gently ridden less than 300 miles since then. It is now back in our inventory and awaits a new home. Read the rest of this entry »

1979 Silver Puch Maxi-21979 Silver Puch Maxi-1

This bike started out as a base model Silver Maxi  We gave it a complete reconditioning from front axle to rear taillight, and the result was a nice moped that will take you anywhere you want to go. This moped has a professionally rebuilt engine, carburetor,  wheels, ignition and electrical system. We also upgraded the saddle seat and rack to a sport seat and rack and capped it all off with meticulous polishing.  This great looking  Puch is a reliable moped that will last another 35 years!  $995.00

1980 Puch UPS Magnum-2 1980 Puch UPS Magnum-1

This fully reconditioned Puch “UPS” Magnum MKII is beautifully awesome and would look equally great sitting in a museum or parked outside an old North Carolina backwoods hamburger stand. Though it no longer has the factory turn signals installed, the wiring harness is uncut and fully intact so a set could be installed sometime down the road. It is all original, but we have rebuilt or refurbished every moving mechanical part on this bike including the ZA50 2 speed engine, wheel hubs and brakes and carb.  We also installed a new pair of durable Michelin Gazelle tires  and then meticulously polished every part on the bike right down to the hardware. The paint is also original and if it wasn’t for a few chips here and there, you would be convinced that we repainted it. You will have to decide what sparkles more when you are out riding, the metallic paint or your teeth ! Read the rest of this entry »

1960 Motobecane Special-1 1960 Motobecane Special-2

This 1962 French Motobecane Speciale (SPR) moped would make an excellent restoration project. The designation SPR stands for Speciale-Road and features an extra large 8 liter gas tank, full length seat and folding rear passenger footrests and styling you just can’t find on very many vintage European mopeds.  It is missing a some pieces including the lower covers. What is there is in good to excellent condition including the gas tank, wheels, seat, tail and headlight, handlebars, controls, etc. The right hand pedal crank has been welded to the pedal so it will need to be replaced. Most of the chrome is in good and presentable condition but it will not polish to show condition without replating. The AV88 engine does run strong and idle smoothly but the original Gurtner carb has been replaced with a Mikuni. The previous owner claimed a top speed of close to 40 mph but we are unable to test ride the bike due to flat and worn out tires. The transmission variator and belt pulley move smoothly and operate as was intended. This Builders Stock moped will take some time and parts to get it back on the road again but could easily become someones prized possession.

This project moped is being sold as-is without any implied warranty or guarantee. Local delivery available for an additional fee. $849.00

Vintage Mopeds-2 Vintage Mopeds-1

Puch Magnum MKII mopeds are a large top-tank style moped, but ride more like a small motorcycle. Hydraulic forks and shocks make this a good choice for longer rides. MKII mopeds also have a 2 speed fully automatic transmission, so it is also an  excellent choice for heavier riders or riders who reside or commute in hillier areas. The engine is very up-gradable and can be modified for more speed or power with some basic mechanical ability.

This particular moped has been reconditioned from front to back, including a professionally rebuilt engine/transmission. This moped includes free local delivery, warranty and guaranteed endless fun! Contact us today to reserve this great bike, or you can purchase it here now. $1695.00

Vintage Mopeds-4 Vintage Mopeds-3

Absolutely beautiful 1978 Puch Magnum XK that has been reconditioned and is waiting for a new owner that will take very good care of it for many years to come. It has a rebuilt E50 single speed engine that we gently enhanced internally enough to give it just a little bit more speed and power than was originally intended. We also installed a pair of very firm Michelin Gazelle tires that will help reduce drag and also support heavier riders.

Contact us today and we will hold it for you until warmer weather prevails,  then we will deliver it to your driveway at no extra cost (Twin Cities/St Cloud, Minnesota only) . You won’t have to worry about break downs either; this moped comes with a warranty! You can also buy it now here if you wish.

Vintage Mopeds-8 Vintage Mopeds-7

Prior to 1977, very few 2 stroke pedal mopeds were imported and sold in the United States. This awesomely original and low mileage 1975 Green Maxi S is one of those early examples, and it has obviously been ridden and stored carefully over the last 40 years. Just to make sure that the next lucky owner gets another 4 decades of enjoyment out of it, we gave it a complete reconditioning. It’s light-weight chassis and reliable single speed automatic engine makes this moped perfect for metro commuting. Most states even allow you to park it in a regular bicycle rack right up on the sidewalk. The freshly rebuilt engine, carburetor and wheels, along with new tires and many other parts will not only transport you to wherever you want to go in the city, but take you all the way back to 1975. Hang on – its going to be a fun ride! $895.00

Free Delivery between the Twin Cities and St Cloud metro areas (Minnesota, USA) and a 30 day warranty. Purchase it here now or contact us for more information or to reserve this beautiful classic moped.