*New* 1980 Motobecane 50VL

Posted: 06/26/2016 in Search Our Archive (no longer available)

1980 Copper Moby-2 1980 Copper Moby-1

This is a brand-new 1980 copper 30 mph version Moby 50VLC.  This moped was just started for the first time and runs perfect. Though the original Michelin tires that came on the bike were never used, for safety reasons we installed a set of new, better quality tires.  This moped sat in an old warehouse for 3 1/2 decades, so it is not cosmetically perfect, but it is still beautiful! Rear chrome wheel has some corrosion and the paint has some staining, chipping and minor scratches.  It is not 100% perfect, but how many people can say that they own a new Motobecane that is 36 years old!

Contact us today to reserve this moped. If you live in the Minneapolis, St Paul or St Cloud areas of Minnesota, delivery is included!

1980 Copper Moby-10 1980 Copper Moby-9 1980 Copper Moby-8 1980 Copper Moby-7

1980 Copper Moby-6 1980 Copper Moby-5 1980 Copper Moby-4 1980 Copper Moby-1

Over 35 years ago a small moped shop owner on the western edge of Illinois hung up his closed sign and locked his doors for the last time. Serious medical issues had taken a toll on him and his ability to continue to sell and repair European pedal mopeds. The abrupt closure of the shop left behind an inventory of new mopeds to collect dust in the back of an old warehouse for decades. In the Spring of 2016, Sunday Morning Motors purchased the inventory which included Motobecane, Solex and Vespa mopeds.  We will be offering them all up for sale as we clean and finish assembling them.  This copper Moby 50VLC is the first of the NOS lot to go.  It feels and rides like new because it is new!

The 50V is a French moped that was well made and highly engineered. 1980 became the final year for the Motobecane 50V in the US after a 5 year production run. The 50V series mopeds were available in a few versions which included the VLC (Variated and Long Seat), VLA ( Variated, bit shorter Long Seat and Aluminum Mags) and the base model  50V (Variated and Saddle Seat)   Its transmission utilizes a belt and variated pulley system that changes pitch as the engine increases RPM’s. As the engine picks up speed, the pulley expands to change gear ratio therefore allowing the moped to increase and decrease speed without power loss. Since the rear pulley is stationary, the whole engine is designed to rotate back and forth to compensate for the expanding and contracting front pulley as the RPM’s change. The engine’s pivot point is also the engine’s mounts which are suspended in rubber. This greatly helps in reducing the vibration at all speeds.

These mopeds have a heavier feel to them when riding and are more comfortable on longer commutes than other typical and more common saddle seat bikes. The long seat (50VLC) version coupled with a set of rear foot pegs makes it possible to ride with a passenger.


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