*Reconditioned* 1980 Puch Magnum MKII

Posted: 03/21/2016 in Search Our Archive (no longer available)

1980 Puch UPS Magnum-2 1980 Puch UPS Magnum-1

This fully reconditioned Puch “UPS” Magnum MKII is beautifully awesome and would look equally great sitting in a museum or parked outside an old North Carolina backwoods hamburger stand. Though it no longer has the factory turn signals installed, the wiring harness is uncut and fully intact so a set could be installed sometime down the road. It is all original, but we have rebuilt or refurbished every moving mechanical part on this bike including the ZA50 2 speed engine, wheel hubs and brakes and carb.  We also installed a new pair of durable Michelin Gazelle tires  and then meticulously polished every part on the bike right down to the hardware. The paint is also original and if it wasn’t for a few chips here and there, you would be convinced that we repainted it. You will have to decide what sparkles more when you are out riding, the metallic paint or your teeth !

The brown metallic version of the Puch Magnum MKII is commonly known as the UPS Magnum due to its paint scheme resembling the iconic UPS trucks. 1980 was the only year it was produced so they are  quite a bit more sought after than the other Magnums. What made this model unique other that the odd choice in paint colors was the fact that it came with factory installed turn signals, an integrated ULO flasher/battery/rectifier under the right hand side cover, keyed ignition switch, dash light indicators, blackened exhaust and heavy duty gold 5-Star wheels.Puch Magnum Differences


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