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1980 Puch Magnum II-1 1980 Puch Magnum II-2

Reconditioned 1980 Puch Magnum II with some minor modifications. This particular moped originally came with chrome spoked wheels, but we swapped them out for a set of snowflake style mags with new Michelin tires and installed a set of  mid-rise handlebars. The rebuilt 2 speed automatic engine is tuned perfectly, and will perform better than new in areas with larger hills. The Magnum II is a great bike, and is lighter than the Magnum MKII because it utilizes front and rear spring suspension and doesn’t include the 2 stroke oil injection system. (more…)

Super desirable and pretty darn hard to find 1978 Puch Magnum XK. This was a one owner moped and spent its entire life on a farm out in western Minnesota. It was very well cared for and has all the original extras like owners manual, tools, air pump and fork lock/key. The bike still has excellent paint,graphics and shiny chrome.

This moped features a simple 2-stroke E50 49cc engine and a fully automatic single speed transmission with a top speed of approximately 34 mph but has many performance enhancement possibilities.

It has a current Minnesota registration and plates that are good for all of 2013!

 1978 Magnum XK09

You can purchase this ready-to-ride moped just the way it is and enjoy it for another 35 years or you can have us fully re-condition it for you at additional cost with a rebuilt engine, rebuilt carb, new tires, cables, grips brake pads, rebuilt and reset speedometer and a full 30 day mechanical warranty.

1978 Magnum XK11 1978 Magnum XK08 1978 Magnum XK07 1978 Magnum XK06

1978 Magnum XK05 1978 Magnum XK04 1978 Magnum XK03 1978 Magnum XK01 

1978 Magnum XK01

Free delivery within the Twin Cities/St Cloud metro areas .

$1200.00 used and ready to ride, $1700 fully reconditioned!

This one is available to be fully restored only. It should be completed before Spring least were hoping. If you are interested in this bike, contact us because we could move it up in the schedule of moped restoration so you are able to blast down the road by the time the snow is gone. The plan is to put this bike back to factory perfect condition with a fully rebuilt 505-1D engine, new painting, new graphics, cables, tires, etc, ….the list goes on and on! Full 30 day warranty on the entire moped. If you are familiar with vintage mopeds, then you know what a great fun these are with the 1D engine.

This will be an amazing ride when complete!


This very dependable General 5 Star top-tank with a Sachs 505-1A engine was just taken back in on a trade.  It idles and runs smooth as silk and also gets up to top-speed quickly. It’s very soft ride comes from the front hydraulic forks and decent rear shocks. This bike was used by the previous owner as his daily transportation back and forth to work.

The engine has just been tuned and is ready to be ridden!

This bike could be used just as it is or would be a great candidate to kit and modify since it is far from perfect cosmetically.  Lots of fun potential here! The moped comes with a current and transferable Minnesota title as well as  possibility of delivery to the Minneapolis/St Paul area. $500.00

FBSDE04673b FBSDE04673a

The tan 1978 Batavus Regency bike is available to be  re-conditioned or fully restored. This is one of our most favorite models of mopeds because of the soft, comfortable ride and fun Laura M56 reed-valve engine. The Laura M56 engine was only available in the Regency model so it is a bit more unique and rare than the standard issued Laura M48 engine that most Batavus mopeds used as a powerplant. It has a unique sound and feel when riding that is unlike most other bikes.

The full seat position over the rear wheel allows the rider to easily control the balancing point of the entire moped by simply by shifting his or her weight forward or backward. This makes the entire bike feel very controllable and also very light.  Though it is no taller in stature than other mopeds, it seems to fit many taller riders more adequately due to riding postion possibilities. Another really cool and unique feature that the Regency has is a 3 gallon gas tank. That is huge by moped standards. You can go a long ways on 3 gallons of gas in this bike!

Batavus mopeds were built and imported from Holland and have always had a good reputation for quality. The Batavus engines are very solid but there is a limited amount of off-the-shelf performance parts available to them making these better suited for those looking for a stock ride.  This moped could be purchased as a reconditioned moped but really would be best fully restored. For restoration, you can choose between having it painted in either factory Black, Tan or Red. Looking for a matched pair for a riding partner? We have another 1980 Batavus Regency identical to this one that could also be yours!

Not that you will need it but it will come with our 30 day warranty!

1978 Batavus Regency

Here is a Black re-conditioned one that went to a new home last year. We missed it so much that we actually tried to buy it back later on that same summer without luck!

This moped is available to be shipped to most cities and states.

Silver 1979 Puch Magnum MKII in excellent shape, however, it will need a complete restoration or re-conditioning.  Either way, this bike will come with a complete professional rebuild on the 2 speed automatic ZA50 engine along with a 30 day warranty .  This completely original and stock  Moped has hydraulic front forks, oil-injection and a stock and unmodified engine . Seat and all body plastics are excellent! If you choose to have it completely restored by us, we guarantee you that it will look, feel and smell like new and ride better than new!

1979 Puch Magnum MKII

1979 Sachs G3 Prima