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Exceptionally nice but not perfect 1980 Puch Magnum II with a 2 speed automatic ZA50 engine. This is a great opportunity to purchase the infamous Puch Magnum without breaking the bank!

1980 Mag IIg   1980 Mag IIe

This bike has just been detailed and fully serviced and runs excellent. The bike starts on the first kick, and everything works as originally intended. This moped is in excellent condition mechanically and cosmetically, but could use a few details to make it even better. The tank has a few dings in it, the seat has a rip along the rear seam, which has been covered in cloth tape, and the rear trunk door is broken. The tires are not weathered but are starting to get soft and should be replaced over the winter Other than that, it would make an excellent restoration project for someone, or you can enjoy it and ride it proudly just the way it is.

1980 Mag IIi 1980 Mag IIh 1980 Mag IIf 1980 Mag IIc

The engine did get a fresh set of piston rings installed and a full tune-up was performed on it, so you are ready to go. We also ported and pre-setup this engine to accommodate a future performance chamber type exhaust if you decide to go that route. Adding a performance exhaust should allow you to reach a speed of around 40+ mph without changing any other stock items. This moped is sold without any warranty, but should be a very reliable daily rider. $795.00 delivered (within a reasonable distance) .

This Magnum doesn’t have a title, but we have verified that there is no current registration or DMV record, which will allow you to obtain a new title quickly in most states. Check your own State and municipality codes and regulations first however; as we can only guarantee a new title if applied for in the state of Minnesota here in the USA.

1980 Mag IIa   1980 Mag IId

What is the difference between the Magnum XK, Magnum II and a Magnum MKII? The original Magnums starting in 1978 were the basic red single speed XK and also a heavy-duty Magnum MKII model that featured oil-injection, hydraulic suspension and a 2 speed ZA50 engine. The MKII also came with alloy wheels and a gauge cluster “Dash”. In 1980, the Magnum XK was replaced with the Magnum II. The biggest difference was that the Magnum II now came with a 2 speed engine (without oil injection) and a different paint scheme.

Magnum XK

Magnum II

Magnum MKII

  • E50 1 Speed Engine
  • ZA50 2 Speed Engine
  • ZA50 2 Speed Engine
  • Mixed Gas
  • Mixed Gas
  • Oil Injected
  • Red Paint
  • Silver Paint
  • Silver Paint
  • Spring Suspension
  • Spring Suspension
  • Hydraulic Suspension
  • Chrome Wheels
  • Chrome Wheels
  • Alloy Mag Wheels
  • No Speedo Dash
  • No Speedo Dash
  • Speedo Dash

For more information, visit our technical and manual section and page through the different parts books.

Absolutely beautiful and completely reconditioned 1979 Black and Chrome Kreidler MP-19 moped (German made). Fully rebuilt 2 speed automatic engine, carb and wheels. New tires, brakes, battery, cables, grips, pedals and much more.

Kreidler was the most expensive step-thru moped sold during the 1970’s and the MP-19 was Kreidler’s top of the line. The Mp-19 featured awesome 5-star alloy  wheels, chrome fenders, heavy duty shocks, long seat and a factory installed blinker system.

The bike starts, runs and feels like new. Probably the most reliable of all vintage mopeds. Everything works as it should. Clean title, current tabs, free delivery within reason and only $850.00…what more could you ask for!  30 day warranty on the engine? You got it!

Kreidler M-19_j  Kreidler M-19_a Kreidler M-19_m Kreidler M-19_l  Kreidler M-19_k Kreidler M-19_i  Kreidler M-19_f Kreidler M-19_g  Kreidler M-19_e Kreidler M-19_d  Kreidler M-19_c  Kreidler M-19_b

This moped is available to be shipped to most cities and states.

1980 Tomos Bullet with an A3 2 speed automatic engine that has been fully serviced and tuned and now just needs someone to ride it. This Tomos will make an excellent daily commuter and is very reliable. It starts easy and can be ridden all day long at 30 mph which is its rated speed. It is not perfect but it is still very presentable cosmetically. It’s all original and complete and rides very smooth. The seat is very comfortable as well so longer commutes would be ideal for this moped.

Let me reiterate that the moped is not perfect cosmetically. The rear wheel chrome is poor as well as the lower chrome section of the forks. The rest of the chrome is fair to good with a occasional splash of excellent chrome!

$650.00 and you can get a picture of you and your new used Tomos uploaded to your Facebook page by tonight!

Oh, and I suppose you want it delivered to the Twin Cities area at no extra charge, huh??  Okay, we can make that happen too!!

Tomos Bullet. 014 Tomos Bullet. 028

Tomos Bullet. 027 Tomos Bullet. 026 Tomos Bullet. 024 Tomos Bullet. 023 Tomos Bullet. 019 Tomos Bullet. 017

1978 Puch Sport MKII

Green Puch Maxi luxe