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Currently non-running but very nice silver Piaggio/Vespa Ciao. This bike is available for restoration or re-conditioning only. The engine will require a full rebuild but the rest of the moped is in excellent shape. We actually have had this bike in our inventory for almost 2 years and it just keeps getting pushed back in the list of projects to complete for some unexplained reason. Ciaos are a simple, smooth, quiet and reliable moped. They use a clutch and belt drive system without a variator like their bigger bothers do but will give you years of  trouble-free transportation. Ciao’s also have forward leading front suspension, a rigid read end (no shocks) and utilize seat springs for comfort instead. These wonderfully designed machines are most noted for there fun springy and soft ride. This is also one of the only vintage pedal mopeds ever made that you could in fact pedal without a lot of effort. When completed, the Ciao will be an excellent light-weight and simple commuter and is equipped with rare factory blinkers. If you are thinking full restoration, you can have it painted in just about any color of your choosing otherwise it will remain in its factory silver color. $750.00 for this moped reconditioned and delivered between St Paul/Mpls and St Cloud, MN.  Contact us for a price on full restoration! Ciao_a Ciao_b This moped is available to be shipped to most cities and states.

This low mileage Piaggio Vespa Bravo is ready for reconditioning! You will get lots and lots of new parts with this wonderful moped. The engine of course will be fully rebuilt and nice new sticky tires will be installed just to start it all off. This bike will be gone through from the front wheel bearings all the way to the back tail light.

Vespa mopeds are quiet and smooth with extremely reliable engine and drivetrains. Unlike a Piaggio Ciao, Bravos are equipped with  full front and rear suspension. This will make a comfortably perfect 30 mph moped for someone looking to ride everyday but have minimal maintenance to worry about.

Call and claim it today and we will get back in top running condition for you within 30 days!

$790.00 and that includes a 30 day engine warranty and free delivery to anywhere in the Twin Cities (Mpls/St Paul, MN) area

Vespa Bravo_b Vespa Bravo