*Builders Stock* 1962 Wards Riverside Motobecane AV88

Posted: 08/26/2013 in Search Our Archive (no longer available)
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Here is a semi-complete…..okay, somewhat complete Moby/Riverside with a good AV88 variated engine. The model year should be either a 1962 or 1963 but we are not positive. You can either use this as a parts bike or the start of a restoration project. The frame is clean and in excellent shape but you will have to grind off someone’s attempt to weld on passenger pegs. The engine appears to be fully functional and is complete including variated clutch, magneto, carb and exhaust. Other good notable parts are the belt pulley, shocks, rims, handlebar and pedal crank. What you see is what you get.  $150.00.

If you don’t want the whole bike, we will remove the engine and pack it for shipment anywhere but the cost would still be $150.00 (plus actual shipping charges) This is for only the engine, exhaust, carb and clutch assembly.

RiversideMoby4 RiversideMoby1
RiversideMoby3 RiversideMoby2

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