*Sold* 1977 Puch TriRad

Posted: 08/13/2013 in Search Our Archive (no longer available)
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1977 Puch TriRad available to purchase as a fully restored bike.  This ultra cool and rare TriRad is one of two we have right now. The other TriRad is metal flake blue…so, if nobody lays claim to it before we paint it, this one will go back to the original metalic red frame and off-white rear end/basket assembly and sport the original E50 single speed automatic engine. The trike will have a top speed of approximately 35 mph and have plenty of torque to get you up most hills with little effort. Also available is a pull-start option that can be installed for anyone that might have a difficult time with a pedal start moped. Think of the endless advertising possibilities you will have for your business with this retro ride!  Old moped trikes are perfect for parades and anyone who just wants to draw in some attention because that is what this unique moped does. This desirable and amazingly fun powered trike should be completed in April just in time for a springtime ride!  Restoration will return it to like new condition and will be offered with or without a matching Puch Maxi…you know, like his and hers.   Full 30 day warranty on the entire moped!

Check out the rear chrome fenders and 8 spoke wheels!

. 1977 Puch TriRad

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