Restoration Decal Sets

No real restoration is complete without the final detail of new decals and graphics. The sets below are the same ones we use whenever we restore a moped back to its original condition. Greg of Fryer Design Inc, has spent many hours replicating each set of  original factory graphics for us. He is very good at what he does and is very particular about even the smallest details. Now you can purchase any of the following awesome sets directly from us as well without the costly set-up or design fees; we have already paid them for you!

The following decals are available as a complete kit only.

PLEASE NOTE: The decal colors on your computer screen will be somewhat different than the actual decals. Actual decals are very close to orginal color hues!

Decal 1978 Puch Maxi

Puch Maxi $50.00 + Shipping file-25270476


   Decal 1978 Puch MaxiLuxe 

Puch Maxi-Luxe $50.00 + Shipping file-25270476


 Decal 1979 Puch Magnum Mkll   

Puch Magnum MKII $50.00 + Shipping file-25270476

puch sport mk2

Puch Maxi Sport MKII $50.00 + Shipping file-25270476

puch magnum xk

Puch Magnum XK $50.00 + Shipping  file-25270476


 Decal Kreidler MP9_MP19   

Kreidler MP9/MP19 $25.00 + Shipping 2file-25270476

Decal 1985 Garelli Monza GT   

1985 Garelli Monza GT $50.00 + Shipping  file-25270476

1965 Wards Riverside 150-D

1965 Wards Riverside  $50.00 + Shipping file-25270476

sachs westlake

1978 Sachs Westlake $25.00 + Shipping file-25270476


1977 Sparta Foxi GT Deluxe $25.00 + Shipping file-25270476