Electrical Diagnostics and Wiring Harnesses

So, you just acquired that dream bike but bulbs are blowing, horn squeaks out warnings without touching the button, squeezing the brakes kills the engine and there is so many splices in the wires from  previous owners that it looks like beaded dreadlocks? Pretty common!

We can diagnose, repair and rebuild back to factory new condition your entire moped’s wiring. Guaranteed!

  • Diagnostics and repair

Electrical 1

  • Magneto/Generator testing and rebuilding


wiring diagram

  • New custom replacement and rebuilt wiring harnesses.

1985 Garelli Monza GT Wire Harness

Our wiring harnesses are guaranteed to be a perfect fit replacement to original OEM harnesses. Each harness is well labeled and is easy to install. Each set includes main and tail wiring sections, a new terminal block and a full color wiring diagram.

Currently we have the following wiring harnesses available:

1976 Puch Maxi

1978 Puck Maxi

1985 Garelli Monza GT

1979 Sachs Prima G3

1978 Puch Magnum XK

1979 Magnum MKII

$45.00 Each plus shipping cost (approximately $4.00)

Need a custom harness for your custom bike? Contact us for a quote.