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1984 Puch Cobra-19 1984 Puch Cobra-1

This professionally restored and mildly customized 1984 Puch Cobra is fresh out of our shop and ready to take you wherever you want to go, as long as you want to get there quickly! Beneath it’s mild mannered and mostly stock appearance lives a small fire-breathing dragon that comes to life as soon as you twist the throttle. You can travel effortlessly all day long at 40 mph while having the ability to reach a top-speed of 50 MPH when needed. It is a perfect balance of reliability, performance, beauty and sound.


Sexy, beautiful and an absolutely perfect custom Puch Magnum that will take your breath away. This is one bike that really needs to be seen in person to really appreciate all the craftsmanship that was put into it’s creation. Stunning white reflective paint sparkles under the sun. Shiny bits of chrome and polished aluminum are well balanced against the satin black frame and wheels. The fully rebuilt engine was modified to be every bit as reliable as a stock moped, but with performance enhancements that will allow you to cruise all day long over 40mph. This custom vintage moped loves to be looked at almost as much as it likes to be ridden.

White Puch0061 White Puch0091


Beautiful museum quality restoration! 1980 Green Maxi Sport MKII moped. ZA50 2 speed engine, heavy duty shocks and wheels, new quality tires, dual chrome mirrors and original vintage bag set. Also includes Cat-Eye turn signals (not pictured). $1525.00

1980 Green Maxi Sport013 1980 Green Maxi Sport011 1980 Green Maxi Sport012 1980 Green Maxi Sport010 1980 Green Maxi Sport009 1980 Green Maxi Sport008 1980 Green Maxi Sport007 1980 Green Maxi Sport006 1980 Green Maxi Sport005 1980 Green Maxi Sport004 1980 Green Maxi Sport003 1980 Green Maxi Sport002 1980 Green Maxi Sport0011980 Green Maxi Sport000

1978-gray-custom-puch-magnum-19 1978-gray-custom-puch-magnum-16

When you ride a restored and modified Puch Magnum of this quality for the first time, make sure you know the area that you are traveling in, for you will lose all sense of time and direction! Everything you thought you knew about vintage mopeds will disappear faster than the objects in your bar-end rear view mirror. It is fast; very fast! It is also lightweight, mechanically tight and hugs every curve and corner that you encounter, giving you a reassuring nod. Whether you are feeling the need for a quick performance run to the neighborhood store or you are looking for a cross-country trip across the state of Washington, the rider positioning and comfort is outstanding and non-fatiguing.


1977-trirad-1 1977-trirad-3

A restored 1977 Puch TriRad moped that will knock your socks off! Or at least get them dirty after you spend a full day riding this wonderfully rare and creative conversion. This TriRad has been professionally restored by Sunday Morning Motors, and is ready to fill any collection with the ultimate motorized conversation piece. (more…)

1978 Green MaxiLuxe-20  1978 Green MaxiLuxe-21

Here is an absolutely pristine and beautiful Puch step-thru moped that looks like new and runs better than new. This Maxi Luxe was fully restored by Sunday Morning Motors for a customer a few years ago, and received new paint, graphics, tires, rebuilt engine, rebuilt carb, new cables, brakes and more. It was babied and treasured and  gently ridden less than 300 miles since then. It is now back in our inventory and awaits a new home. (more…)

Fully restored and totally awesome 1977 Puch Maxi moped. Every part on this bike has been rebuilt, replaced or restored. The Maxi is the base model step-thru Puch that was the foundation for all the other models. It features a reliable single speed automatic E50 engine that is no more difficult to operate than a bicycle, but will effortlessly propel you to 30 mph! You can purchase this moped and enjoy it just the way it is, or have us install a few options like turn signals and rear baskets or bags. This bike will need some final adjustments such as tuning and road testing by us before it can be shipped or delivered; sometime between March 15th and April 1st. 

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Purchase or Reserve this moped here now. A $400.00 deposit holds it for up to 90 days or until it warms up enough to ride! $1495.00

This Red Puch Maxi comes with a 30 day warranty and free delivery (Mpls, St Paul or St Cloud areas). Contact us for more information.

Ultra rare sparkling blue Puch TriRad trike moped that has been professionally restored to museum quality. Everything on this bike has been rebuilt, replaced or meticulously restored. The Puch ZA50 engine is a pedal start, 2 speed automatic with a top speed of approximately 35 mph and 100 mpg. Lots of torque, very dependable and amazingly fun to ride. Take it anywhere that you don’t mind a lot of attention. Here is your chance to own something that few people ever will. The bike comes with a full warranty and free delivery within 100 miles of the Minneapolis area. New title, current tabs and less than 50 miles on the odometer! Willing to take $50.00 off the price if you can come out and test ride it without smiling. It can’t be done! $2800.00 delivered.

Blue TriRad18

Everything about this unique vintage moped is sheer awesomeness. When you sit on it for the first time, your eyes examine the components and controls that are polished to a mirror-like finish. Everything is tight and fully functional. The windshield can be removed in a matter of seconds but you have already decided to leave it always attached. The original blinker system that was offered as an option in 1978 has been fully rebuilt as well and you move the directional switch back and forth testing out the blinkers as kind of a pre-ride safety inspection.

Blue TriRad13 Blue TriRad17 Blue TriRad16 Blue TriRad15

Okay, you didn’t come to just sit on it with a big grin making imaginary motor sounds under your breath; you came to ride it! You release the parking brake and give the trike a couple of cranks with the pedals and pull in the starter clutch. The moped comes to life and you are off into the wind leaving the world behind. As you quickly get up to around 15 mph, you hear the engine effortlessly shift into 2nd gear and now the adrenaline starts flowing! This is so much fun and not what you were imagining the ride to be like. The TriRad is very smooth and much more powerful than the old moped you had as a kid.

Blue TriRad14 Blue TriRad12 Blue TriRad11 Blue TriRad10

The engine was fully rebuilt with mild modifications made to accommodate the heavier bike but without any added noise levels or the diminishing of reliability. It climbs hills with ease and keeps up with traffic on the city streets.

Blue TriRad09 Blue TriRad08 Blue TriRad07  Blue TriRad06

There is a small learning curve when riding a motorized trike for the first time. You steer it more like a car as opposed to leaning like a bicycle when cornering. You slow down and shift your body weight into the curve. Once you are through the curve, you twist the throttle again and the TriRad is quickly once again climbing past 30 mph!

Blue TriRad05 Blue TriRad03 Blue TriRad04 Blue TriRad01

The suspension adequately absorbs all the little bumps you encounter but you probably wouldn’t have noticed even if it hadn’t; you were just too busy waving at everyone that you encountered while on your test ride. You signal your final turn back into the parking lot here and toot the horn in approval as you bring the moped to a gentle stop and turn the ignition switch off.  Absolutely AMAZING!

Blue TriRad02

We also have a red TriRad that will be restored if blue just doesn’t do it for you!

Fully restored green 1978 Puch Maxi-Luxe. This moped has a mildly modified rebuilt engine and carb and cruises nicely at around 35 mph. It sounds good and rides great. It’s comfortable, reliable and tight. There are many, many new parts including paint, graphics, brakes, tires, mirror, grips, speedo, electrical, ignition, and engine parts. Free delivery and a complete 30 day warranty on the entire moped $1400.00

1978 Green Maxiluxe100_7790 1978 Green Maxiluxe100_7789

1978 Green Maxiluxe100_7795 1978 Green Maxiluxe100_7793 1978 Green Maxiluxe100_7789 1978 Green Maxiluxe100_7788

1978 Green Maxiluxe100_7785 1978 Green Maxiluxe100_7782 1978 Green Maxiluxe100_7781 1978 Green Maxiluxe100_7778


Bags, turn signals or folding baskets available at additional cost

Purchase this moped here or contact us

This one is available to be fully restored only. It should be completed before Spring least were hoping. If you are interested in this bike, contact us because we could move it up in the schedule of moped restoration so you are able to blast down the road by the time the snow is gone. The plan is to put this bike back to factory perfect condition with a fully rebuilt 505-1D engine, new painting, new graphics, cables, tires, etc, ….the list goes on and on! Full 30 day warranty on the entire moped. If you are familiar with vintage mopeds, then you know what a great fun these are with the 1D engine.

This will be an amazing ride when complete!