*Reconditioned* 1979 Black Motobecane 50V

Posted: 03/19/2017 in Search Our Archive (no longer available)

Black Moby 50V mopeds are one of the most beautiful and elegantly designed mopeds of all time. You can almost see the French engineers and designers beaming with pride as the first ones rolled off the assembly line back in the late 70’s. Color choice, lines, chrome and balance are just the beginning as to why Mobys have always been in a class all their own. Their constant variated drive system acts as an automatic transmission to give the rider the best possible performance in all terrains.  The oversized long seat is very comfortable and allows riders to re-position themselves on longer rides to the benefit of reduced fatigue and discomfort. By the time 1977 came around, Motobecane had been making mopeds as long or longer than anybody. With 3 decades of research, development and improvements behind them, the Moby manufacturing team created the standard that few other companies ever achieved!

This particular moped was special ordered and reconditioned for a wonderfully excited but patient young lady in Minneapolis.  Though it was never intended to be sold through our website,  we thought it was worthy of a website post anyway.  If you are ever traveling through the Minneapolis lakes area and you spot this Black Moby gracing the parkways, please wave hello to her!

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