*Reconditioned* 1978 Sachs Westlake

Posted: 01/31/2016 in Search Our Archive (no longer available)

Sachs Westlake-29Sachs Westlake-30

1978 German made Sachs Westlake moped that has been completely reconditioned and rebuilt. The fresh Sachs 504-1C engine is strong and dependable and will get you to your destination without effort. This light-weight bike coupled with its easy starting engine makes it a perfect fit for just about everyone! Contact us today and we will deliver it to you just as soon as the snow melts! 30 day warranty and free delivery between Mpls/St Paul and St Cloud. $995.00

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The Westlake is a quality built Sachs model and was produced in West Germany in a partnership with the DKW/Hercules Co. who supplied the well engineer chassis and assembled the bikes along with other models like the Balboa, Suburban, Prima and G3. Though the Sachs 505 and 504 series engines were supplied to many manufacturers for use in their own mopeds, only a few models are considered “true” Sachs and were produced 100% in former West Germany and bared the Sachs name on the sides of the tank. Many other bikes were fitted with the reliable Sachs engines but were produced and imported from Taiwan and did not meet or carry the same quality standards as the Sachs label.

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