*Reconditioned* 1977 Puch Newport

Posted: 07/23/2015 in Search Our Archive (no longer available)

This 1977 Egg Plant Puch Newport was well cared for and is still in almost pristine condition.  Both the original paint and the freshly polished chrome shine like new.  The color of this bike tends to change depending on the lighting.  Some times it looks brown; at other times, it looks like it is a deep purple or plum color.  No matter the color, you’re sure to turn some heads while riding this moped.  With a rebuilt E50 engine that gets up to speeds of over 30mph and new quality tires, you’ll enjoy your everyday outing, whether it be a pleasure ride, or a ride to work or the local store. $975.00

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Egg Plant Newport_b Egg Plant Newport_a

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