*Used* 1979 Batavus Regency

Posted: 09/05/2014 in Search Our Archive (no longer available)

Aahh! The Batavus Regency…one of our most beloved favorite moped models. They are well designed and built and absolutely a blast to ride. They sound good and start easy.  They are balanced and are comfortable enough to ride on all day. Batavus Regency001 Batavus Regency004 Batavus Regency000 Batavus Regency005 Batavus Regency002 Batavus Regency003 This particular Batavus is being listed and sold as a used moped but in reality, it is mostly reconditioned. Freshly painted tank,  new piston rings, reconditioned wheels and brakes, tuned and fully serviced from front wheel to rear. Test ride it today and you will be a Bat lover as well! $950.00 includes 30 day warranty and free local delivery  Contact us for more info or buy it now! $200.00 Down Payment holds this until spring!

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