*Reconditioned* 1978 Puch Newport with Auto-Start

Posted: 06/22/2014 in Search Our Archive (no longer available)

Very fast and rare version of a Puch Maxi/Newport that came with two awesome features that we almost never see together, oil-injection and auto-start! Never mix gas again. Just keep the oil reservoir behind the seat filled with 2 cycle oil and fill the gas tank with plain ol’gas right from the gas station pump! The auto-start portion of the moped is an ingenious feature that Puch developed and put on some of their machines. No levers to pull or engage to start it. Simply start pedaling the bike and the engine automatically starts effortlessly every time. It is completely foolproof! $1195.00

Newport009-9460991 Newport014-9460991

We decided that this silver moped was too cool to be a 30 mph moped so we “souped it up”, added a larger carb and a mild performance pipe. It now still has all the reliability of a stock engine but this moped tops out at 42 mph! This cruiser has many, many new parts including tires, grips, mirror, high performance cylinder and piston, bearings, seals, expansion chamber exhaust, rebuilt 14mm Bing carburetor, fuel line, brakes and much more!  It’s been serviced from front to back and and we’ll back our reliability assurance with our 30 day warranty.

Newport025-9460991 Newport024-9460991 Newport023-9460991 Newport022-9460991

Newport021-9460991 Newport020-9460991 Newport017-9460991 Newport016-9460991

Original matching Puch pannier bags included! Free delivery to the Twin Cities and St Cloud areas (Minnesota, USA)


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