*Reconditioned* 1978 Blue Sachs Balboa

Posted: 04/12/2014 in Search Our Archive (no longer available)

Here is an excellent reconditioned German made traditional step-thru moped. It is a true Sachs which means that the entire bike, chassis and engine, were manufactured in former West Germany. The uniqueness of this moped is that it is powered by a Sachs 505-1D engine which was more commonly found in sportier top-tank models like the Prima G3. In its stock state, it will run strongly at 30 mph all day long but has the capability of speeds over 40 mph with minimal enhancements.

We’ve rebuilt the engine and carb, installed new tires and brakes and then serviced this moped from front to back while replacing or repairing many parts along the way. Sachs engines are very, very reliable and start effortlessly every time.  30 day warranty on the engine and free delivery to the Mpls/St Paul/St Cloud area and their suburbs. $925.00

1978 Blue Sachs Balboa006511069313  1978 Blue Sachs Balboa001511069313

1978 Blue Sachs Balboa010511069313 1978 Blue Sachs Balboa009511069313 1978 Blue Sachs Balboa008511069313 1978 Blue Sachs Balboa007511069313

1978 Blue Sachs Balboa005511069313 1978 Blue Sachs Balboa004511069313 1978 Blue Sachs Balboa003511069313 1978 Blue Sachs Balboa002511069313

If you are going to use this retro-ride as a grocery getter, we have vintage folding baskets available for installation. Other options available are soft vinyl bags and original blinker systems. Test rides are strongly encouraged!

1978 Blue Sachs Balboa011511069313 1978 Blue Sachs Balboa012511069313


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