*Reconditioned* 1978 Red Puch Maxi

Posted: 03/23/2014 in Search Our Archive (no longer available)

Reconditioned 1978 Red Puch Maxi. Overall it is in excellent shape. This was the standard issue Maxi base model that solidified the wonderful Puch moped reputation here in the US back in the late 70’s. It was light, simple to own and ride, quality built and nice to look at. This one has been fully reconditioned including a rebuilt engine and new tires for starters!  Price includes a 30 day warranty on the engine and free delivery in the Minneapolis/St Paul/St Cloud metro areas. (Saddlebags not included) $850.00 

1978 Red Maxi100_7767 1978 Red Maxi100_7758

1978 Red Maxi100_7764 1978 Red Maxi100_7762 1978 Red Maxi100_7761 1978 Red Maxi100_7760

You can purchase it here or contact us for more information.

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