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By far the most gorgeous all original and one-owner Sears Allstate/Puch Twingle motorcycle that we have ever seen! This vintage 2 stroke 250cc street bike was manufactured by Austrian manufacturer Puch and sold by Sears, Roebuck and Co. back in the 60’s. The Twingle engine was very unique in that it used 2 pistons on a single crankshaft and shared a single but double sleeved cylinder (hence the term Twin-gle).

1966 Twingle_b 1966 Twingle_a

With only 3000 miles on it and stored for years in an airport hanger, it is still in prime mechanical and cosmetic condition. It starts first or second kick and will get up to highway speed very quickly while running  amazingly strong and smooth.  (more…)

1977 Yellow TriRad_b 1977 Yellow TriRad

1977 Yellow TriRad trike that is being offered as a used but perfect running moped.

We just serviced and tuned the engine and it is currently setup to reach a top speed of 35 mph! This all original and rare pedal start moped trike starts easily and features a single speed automatic 50cc engine and rear axle differential. It is reliable and could be driven anywhere but with the extra cargo room. You have the option to have us recondition the moped for an additional fee which would include new brakes, tires, rebuilt engine w/warranty, cables, powder coated wheels and basket, reset speedometer, cleaning/polishing and fully servicing the machine from front to back.  Free delivery within the Mpls/St Paul/St Cloud metro areas. $995.00

Contact us for more information or buy it here now!

Used 1979 blue Motobecane 50V moped. Fully tuned and serviced from front to rear with lots of new parts including quality tires. All original and in excellent condition. Lots of pulling power for streets with hills and changing elevations. Easily reaches a top speed of 35 mph. “Mobys” also have very comfortable seats and plenty of room for a passenger. $875.00

Blue Moby 2 Blue Moby 1

This classic pedal start moped includes free delivery to the MPLS/St Paul/St Cloud areas. Contact us for more information or you can purchase this moped here.

$200.00 will hold this bike for up to 60 days!

Aahh! The Batavus Regency…one of our most beloved favorite moped models. They are well designed and built and absolutely a blast to ride. They sound good and start easy.  They are balanced and are comfortable enough to ride on all day. Batavus Regency001 Batavus Regency004 Batavus Regency000 Batavus Regency005 Batavus Regency002 Batavus Regency003 This particular Batavus is being listed and sold as a used moped but in reality, it is mostly reconditioned. Freshly painted tank,  new piston rings, reconditioned wheels and brakes, tuned and fully serviced from front wheel to rear. Test ride it today and you will be a Bat lover as well! $950.00 includes 30 day warranty and free local delivery  Contact us for more info or buy it now! $200.00 Down Payment holds this until spring!

This beautiful classic 1977 rigid Vespa Ciao has just been fully serviced from front to back and is ready for another 35 years of fun! We’ve installed many new parts including a new quality tires. All major components have been serviced and inspected including reconditioning of the wheel and brake assemblies. The carb and exhaust systems were cleaned and the engine was tuned to run like it did when it first rolled off the factory floor.

1977 Vespa Piaggio Ciao  1977 Vespa Piaggio Ciao_2

Ciaos are quiet, lightweight, dependable and easy to start. Excellent all around commuter for the first time moped rider or just another fine addition to your moped stable. $700.00 delivered anywhere in the Twin Cities/St Cloud metro areas (Minnesota, USA) and a 30 day warranty. Contact us for more information or buy it now here!

Once you ride a Batavus Regency top-tank moped, you will understand why they are one of our most favorite bikes. The Regency is different than most other Batavus mopeds due mainly to it’s use of the Laura M56 engine as opposed to the much more common Laura M48. The Laura M56 is a very smooth and reliable power-plant that features a Niksal plated cylinder, reed valve intake and belt driven transmission.

Batavus020SaukRapids    Batavus015SaukRapids - Copy

This particular moped is ready for endless fun! It has some dings and scratches but is in overall excellent condition. We didn’t fully recondition it but we did fully service the entire bike and installed new quality tires and other parts. It runs like new and will cruise all day very nicely at 30 mph and dodge gawkers and onlookers with precision.

Batavus018SaukRapids - Copy

$850.00 and free delivery throughout the Twin Cities/St Cloud metro areas. also includes a 30 day engine warranty. Contact us here for more information or buy it now here!


Beautiful and hard to find “eggplant” Maxi-luxe that has just been fully serviced and is now looking for a new home. Completely stock and original, this moped is in amazing condition and runs like it did when it came off the factory over 35 years ago!

30 day warranty and free delivery to the Twin Cities/St Cloud metro areas $900.00 Buy here or contact us for more information

MaxiLuxe009-9430680 MaxiLuxe024-9430680

MaxiLuxe025-9430680 MaxiLuxe022-9430680 MaxiLuxe020-9430680 MaxiLuxe016-9430680

MaxiLuxe019-9430680 MaxiLuxe017-9430680 MaxiLuxe010-9430680 MaxiLuxe009-9430680

Here is a excellent running and dependable yellow and blue Negrini Italian moped that was restored by it’s previous owner. It is not perfect cosmetically but it will get a lot of attention wherever you take it. It has new tires, nearly flawless removable pannier bags from 1977 and a freshly serviced and perfect running Morini M01 single speed engine. 30 day warranty on the engine and free delivery throughout the Mpls, St Paul and St Cloud metro areas.  Buy it here or contact us for more information. $850.00

1980 Negrini0024715 1980 Negrini0014715


This low mileage, high quality 1980 Batavus Regency from Holland is in amazing condition; both cosmetically and mechanically. It is the only imported Batavus model to be powered by the awesomely unique Laura M56 engine. Originally slated to be reconditioned, we decided that it wouldn’t do it any justice, nor was it necessary, so we cleaned it up, polished the chrome and paint and then went through and serviced everything on the bike. Fuel system, brakes, cables and controls, electrical, clutch, exhaust, ignition; its all been taken care of. We even freshened up the cylinder with a new set of piston rings.  We are so confident in this moped that we are giving it a full 30 day warranty on the entire machine. Engine and chassis! Free delivery to the Mpls, St Paul, St Cloud metro areas. Buy here or contact us for more information.

1980 Batavus Regency006026499 1980 Batavus Regency001026499

Batavus mopeds were exceptionally well engineered and built by those who knew mopeds best, the Dutch. Holland’s densely populated cities relied on mopeds to help move its residences to their jobs and schools and provided much needed compact transportation.

1980 Batavus Regency010026499 1980 Batavus Regency009026499 1980 Batavus Regency008026499 1980 Batavus Regency007026499

1980 Batavus Regency005026499 1980 Batavus Regency004026499 1980 Batavus Regency003026499 1980 Batavus Regency002026499

All around excellent Blue Motobecane 7 that we recently purchased locally to restore for a customer, but the project has been refocused to another moped. The engine just received a full tune up and it runs great! It still need some minor work and a fresh set of tires but this little French bike promises to make someone very happy for a long, long time.

Moby 7’s are a little unique in comparison to the more common 40 and 50V’s that were produced between 1977 and 1980. The 7 utilizes a rigid frame (no rear shocks), a rear mounted fuel tank and smaller profile wheels, which helps reduce the ground-to-seat height. This is a perfect moped for smaller framed riders. The engine is non-variated which keeps the mechanical things more simple, but don’t let that fool you into believing that this bike can’t keep up to your friends. Weighing in at under 90lbs, this lightweight little 7 can hold its own all day long with only half the effort.  $500.00

Moby 7100_6993 Moby 7100_6983

Moby 7100_6991 Moby 7100_6987

Moby 7100_6979 Moby 7100_6986