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Riverside a Riverside b

Fully reconditioned Wards Riverside (Italian Benelli) 250d with the factory leg shields. Lots of rebuilt and new parts however the paint, body and seat are all original. This beautifully reconditioned bike features a rebuilt engine and cruises excellent at 30 mph. ($1200.00)

1978 Maxluxe Green-4 1978 Maxluxe Green-3

This Puch Maxi Luxe is in Excellent cosmetic condition and mechanically perfect.

As with all of our reconditioned mopeds, this one has been gone through from front to back with each piece being polished or replaced along the way.

With a newly rebuilt E50 engine reaching speeds of 30+ MPH, a rebuilt carb, new tires and brakes plus more, this moped should last another 38 years. $995.00

This amazing little 30 mph yellow Puch Maxi was just professionally refurbished to like-new condition. As with all our reconditioned mopeds, the single speed engine and carb were carefully rebuilt and tuned to perform like it just came out of the factory 41 years ago!


Every mechanical component was disassembled, cleaned, inspected, rebuilt, adjusted and tested.  The chrome which is in perfect shape, as well as every metal part was also meticulously polished, even the parts that are not visible. Sunday Morning Motors stands by the philosophy that it’s not just what you see, it is what you don’t see that makes our mopeds stand out.

If you are into options, we have a few of them as well. For additional cost, we can add a reconditioned set of vintage moped saddle bags and/or an original, but rebuilt turn signal system!


This Puch Maxi Moped includes a 30 day mechanical warranty and free delivery to your garage anywhere within an hour or so of Minneapolis/St Paul or St Cloud (Minnesota, USA).

Contact us today to reserve this Puch!


This late 1977 Maxi Sport was modified into a very nice LS model (long seat). Everything has been meticulously reconditioned to perform better than new. Along with the converted long seat, we also upgraded the engine with a high-torque cylinder as well as larger carb and intake. We also re-geared everything to make this a 35 mph+ cruiser without after-market components. We have always wondered why there weren’t more factory long-seat models produced by Puch. Unlike Moby who’s most common model sold in the US had a long seat, Puch didn’t offer an LS model until 1983-84.

Blue Sachs-1 Blue Sachs-2

Reconditioned 1978 German made Sachs Westlake moped. Rebuilt engine, carb and transmission assembly, rebuilt wheels, new tires and many more parts! The reliable and smooth Sachs 504-1C engine will never leave you stranded. It has excellent power and will propel you down the street at 30 mph.  This is an excellent all-around, light-weight moped that is perfect for just about everyone! Contact us today to inquire about this moped! 30 day mechanical warranty and free delivery between Mpls/St Paul and St Cloud. $975.00


This is a fairly unique and totally beautifully reconditioned white 1977 Puch Maxi. White is the least common of all the paint colors that were available on Puch mopeds. This moped was owned by the same family since it was purchased new in late 1977, and was well taken care of and properly stored for the last couple of decades. (more…)

Black Moby 50V mopeds are one of the most beautiful and elegantly designed mopeds of all time. You can almost see the French engineers and designers beaming with pride as the first ones rolled off the assembly line back in the late 70’s. Color choice, lines, chrome and balance are just the beginning as to why Mobys have always been in a class all their own. Their constant variated drive system acts as an automatic transmission to give the rider the best possible performance in all terrains.  The oversized long seat is very comfortable and allows riders to re-position themselves on longer rides to the benefit of reduced fatigue and discomfort. By the time 1977 came around, Motobecane had been making mopeds as long or longer than anybody. With 3 decades of research, development and improvements behind them, the Moby manufacturing team created the standard that few other companies ever achieved!


puch-maxi-sport-mkii-15   puch-maxi-sport-mkii-8

Wonderful frost green 1978 Puch Maxi Sport MKII that features a professionally rebuilt 2 speed automatic engine and transmission. This hard to find and desirable vintage Puch moped was meticulously reconstructed to look good and to perform even better. (more…)

1980-vespa-bravo-deluxe-2 1980-vespa-bravo-deluxe-1

1983 Puch Maxi-2 1983 Puch Maxi-1