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Beautiful, like new condition RX50, which was a promotional bike for the larger Yamaha Midnight Special motorcycles. It has a 50cc 2-stroke, oil injected 5 speed engine which peaks at 7.5hp and a top speed of 55-60mph. It’s light weight and would be a great beginner bike. The bike is completely stock with 656 miles on it. The original owner’s manual and tool kit are still in the trunk. The battery was just replaced and the bike was just tuned. Starts on the first kick!  It’s titled and ready for you to ride in the spring. Very few were made and only a handful still exist. This is a true collector bike.

  Vintage Mopeds-6 Vintage Mopeds-5

Purchase this bike now, and we will deliver it to your driveway at no extra charge (between Minneapolis, St Paul and St Cloud areas). $1595.00

By far the most gorgeous all original and one-owner Sears Allstate/Puch Twingle motorcycle that we have ever seen! This vintage 2 stroke 250cc street bike was manufactured by Austrian manufacturer Puch and sold by Sears, Roebuck and Co. back in the 60’s. The Twingle engine was very unique in that it used 2 pistons on a single crankshaft and shared a single but double sleeved cylinder (hence the term Twin-gle).

1966 Twingle_b 1966 Twingle_a

With only 3000 miles on it and stored for years in an airport hanger, it is still in prime mechanical and cosmetic condition. It starts first or second kick and will get up to highway speed very quickly while running  amazingly strong and smooth.  (more…)

1955 German Zundapp Norma Luxus motorcycle. This is a very rare barn-find and in phenomenal original condition. We have not attempted to start or clean up this machine. As tempting as it is to do so, we have decided to let the new owner have the honor. The 200cc engine spins nicely and the transmission seems to shift through all 4 gears. With only a few missing pieces like headlight bezel and switch, rear rack (or seat), grips, battery and throttle cable, this wonderful vintage 2 stroke motorcycle would make a easy restoration project for someone. Even better, spend a day working on it and ride it like it is!

“A moto can be restored 100 times but it is always just a restored bike. However, it can only be original once in it’s lifetime”

Contact us for more information.

1955_Zundapp 1955_Zundapp_i

1968 Wards Riverside b 1968 Wards Riverside

Beautiful 1968 Wards Riverside (Benelli) 125cc motorcycle. All original and low mileage 2 stroke classic bike. Many new parts parts including NOS ignition/magneto, headlamp, fuel petcocks, battery, ect. This vintage single cylinder motorcycle (“D” model) came out of the factory with a large/small combination rear sprocket to differentiate how you would best use and ride the bike.  For hilly off road or city riding, use the large sprocket for excellent low-end power but with a top speed of a little over 40 mph. For riding distance and keeping up with back-road traffic, use the small sprocket for higher speed. $1895.00

Contact us here for more information or purchase it online now. You can also reserve and have us hold the motorcycle for up to 60 days with as little as a $400 down-payment and no added fees


1964 Allstate Sport 60 3 speed moped…this is as cool as it gets!  Hopefully, it will go to a great home because the previous owner babied it and we promised him that we would take care of it. This highly collectible machine was manufactured by Puch for Sears Roebuck and Co. and re-branded under their Allstate line of products as a Allstate Sport Moped. It is technically and legally a motorcycle but Sears marketed it as a moped so that is what we are going to refer to it as.  I guess that means that you will need a motorcycle license to operate this beautiful moped, huh?

This 60cc classic Puch with it’s traditional 3 speed transmission and clutch, fan cooled engine and light-weight chassis will propel you down the road at speeds up to 55 mph. Everything on it is original right down to the leather tank straps and Claxon manual horn. It currently runs perfect so you could ride it just as it is or do a full-out restoration on it at minimal cost because it is 100% complete. The bike was repainted by the previous owner and he did a great job but it is not a professional restoration.  Picture yourself on this bike…you look good! $1295.00 and we’ll deliver it to your garage if you are somewhere in the Mpls/St Paul/St Cloud area!

Minnesota title, new plates and 2014 tabs.  Just get on and ride!

100_5469 100_5449 100_5456 100_5452 100_5455 100_5466 100_5468 100_5465 100_5460

We also have copies of the service and parts manuals available to download free in our manual section. 

Very rare and hard to find little 2 stroke racer from 1971. It’s a gorgeous and all original Bridgestone GP100 that we picked up last summer as a non-runner. After 9 long months and many countless hours of staring at it , it is still a non-runner. It wants to be driven very badly but we just never seem to get the time to start on it.  From what we can tell, the bike is 99% complete. The engine and transmission are both very solid and we don’t believe that there are any issues with them. It will need a clutch actuator piece, carb choke and a few cables to get it back on the road. A nice Spring day spent down at Sportwheels in Jordan, MN should allow you to round-up any missing pieces.

This little rocket ship would make a great low-cost restoration project for someone.  A GP100 fully and properly restored should have a value in the end of around $2700.00-$3200.00…so do the math! It could be a great investment on top of everything else. The original factory specs on this bike claimed a top speed of 70 mph! A little port work and a custom expansion chamber exhaust will having you holding on for dear life!

Bridgestone motorcycles were short-lived but were not short on technology at the time. The Japanese 2 stroke engines were very well made and out-performed everything comparable in its class! Do some research and come out and inspect this bike. We can stare at it together for a while before you load it up!

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Sorry but this bike is sold with a Bill of Sale only. You will have to do your due diligence and work with the DMV regarding acquiring a new title.

Delivery available