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Completely restored stock 1978 Puch Maxi-Luxe moped.  EVERYTHING has been rebuilt, replaced, or refurbished. New factory-matched paint glistens in the sunlight just like it did 35 years ago. The high-output engine has been professionally rebuilt and purrs like a kitten but minor custom porting helps propel the moped along more like a tiger cub. Wheels have been upgraded to snowflake style mags and new tires to match the TriRad we are offering up for sale. This Puch will be an excellent and reliable daily rider for anyone looking for classy piece of  1970’s history.   You will not find another quality moped restoration like this one anywhere else but right here! Moped comes with a full warranty  and free delivery. $1275.00

We have other Maxi’s and Maxi-Luxe’s available for full restoration as well in any of the original factory colors. Red, Silver, Blue and Green

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This moped is available to be shipped to most cities and states.

1965 Montgomery Ward Riverside (Benelli Powered) Moped. This really cool old moped is currently being restored back to factory original condition but with extras. This beautiful old machine will not only be fully restored, it will also be sporting a matching sidecar, leg shields and small windshield. When this project is complete, it will not only look good but perform even better.  The sidecar is being molded from fiberglass resin and aluminum and will be detachable……as if someone would really want to choose to detach it.  The triple link design will allow it to tilt right along with the moped when cornering. Everything is being custom-made to not only match the metalwork of the moped frame, it’s being made to look as if they are original OEM factory accessories.  The sidecar will be painted to match the bike and will get custom-made decals to match as well. To keep the side car size in correct perspective to the moped, it will probably be too small for humans but you will be able to transport your dog or groceries around if you so choose. Oh, and the best part of this grand-to-be moped is that it will even have a full warranty!

Original Mock-Up Photos w/cardboard modeling. A 2nd Riverside moped is being used for a donor bike to both moped and sidecar.

 Wards Riverside3 Wards Riverside Wards Riverside2 Wards Riverside 4

Some restoration features will be: 

  • Matching fenders
  • Hidden 6 volt battery , rectifier/regulator in sidecar to facilitate extra light needs
  • Matching canvas  sidecar compartment cover, sidecar upholstery and re-upholstered moped seat
  • All three rims and wheel are original 18″. They are getting new chrome and fresh laces
  • The engine is complete and rebuilt and should propel this beast to at least  30 mph
  • Original factory matched paint and graphics
  • White sidewall tires
  • Re-chromed exhaust and handlebars
  • New wiring harness
  • Rebuilt wheel hubs and brakes
  • New Cables
  • Twin (original) tail lights, moped and sidecar

Benelli Engine z

1978 Puch Magnum XK