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1960 Motobecane Special-1 1960 Motobecane Special-2

This 1962 French Motobecane Speciale (SPR) moped would make an excellent restoration project. The designation SPR stands for Speciale-Road and features an extra large 8 liter gas tank, full length seat and folding rear passenger footrests and styling you just can’t find on very many vintage European mopeds.  It is missing a some pieces including the lower covers. What is there is in good to excellent condition including the gas tank, wheels, seat, tail and headlight, handlebars, controls, etc. The right hand pedal crank has been welded to the pedal so it will need to be replaced. Most of the chrome is in good and presentable condition but it will not polish to show condition without replating. The AV88 engine does run strong and idle smoothly but the original Gurtner carb has been replaced with a Mikuni. The previous owner claimed a top speed of close to 40 mph but we are unable to test ride the bike due to flat and worn out tires. The transmission variator and belt pulley move smoothly and operate as was intended. This Builders Stock moped will take some time and parts to get it back on the road again but could easily become someones prized possession.

This project moped is being sold as-is without any implied warranty or guarantee. Local delivery available for an additional fee. $849.00

One family owned 1965 Wards Riverside 250-D moped. This Italian retro-ride is in all original and complete condition but currently not running. It can be purchased in one of two conditions; Builder’s Stock or Fully Reconditioned. These mopeds are very simple to repair and restore if you are looking for that first-time restoration project that you can be very proud of once you finish it. We have lots of useful resources/reference material available to you at no cost that includes copies of  repair and parts manuals, engine rebuilding parts list, paint codes, etc. You can even purchase a high quality reproduction decal set from us to complete your bike!

Of course if you want to own this bike but not have to fix it yourself,  we can help you out there as well. We will fully recondition this moped and deliver it to your driveway for additional fees. Reconditioning of this moped would include a professionally rebuilt engine/carb, new cables, tires, petcock and more. It is possible to have us do a full restoration on it and return it to new condition including paint, graphics and upholstery.

Wards Riverside100_6316

This moped was manufactured by Benelli for sale through Montgomery Wards during the Mid-60’s. The 250-D model was equipped with steel leg-shield, speedometer, flip-up long seat, passenger foot pegs and tool pouch. The base model 150-D did not come with those features.

Wards Riverside100_6319 Wards Riverside100_6317 Wards Riverside100_6310 Wards Riverside100_6312

Wards Riverside100_6311

Here is a semi-complete…..okay, somewhat complete Moby/Riverside with a good AV88 variated engine. The model year should be either a 1962 or 1963 but we are not positive. You can either use this as a parts bike or the start of a restoration project. The frame is clean and in excellent shape but you will have to grind off someone’s attempt to weld on passenger pegs. The engine appears to be fully functional and is complete including variated clutch, magneto, carb and exhaust. Other good notable parts are the belt pulley, shocks, rims, handlebar and pedal crank. What you see is what you get.  $150.00.

If you don’t want the whole bike, we will remove the engine and pack it for shipment anywhere but the cost would still be $150.00 (plus actual shipping charges) This is for only the engine, exhaust, carb and clutch assembly.

RiversideMoby4 RiversideMoby1
RiversideMoby3 RiversideMoby2

Silver 1979 Puch Magnum MKII in excellent shape, however, it will need a complete restoration or re-conditioning.  Either way, this bike will come with a complete professional rebuild on the 2 speed automatic ZA50 engine along with a 30 day warranty .  This completely original and stock  Moped has hydraulic front forks, oil-injection and a stock and unmodified engine . Seat and all body plastics are excellent! If you choose to have it completely restored by us, we guarantee you that it will look, feel and smell like new and ride better than new!

1979 Puch Magnum MKII

1980 General 5 Star

1978 Motron Classic

1977 jawa