By far the most gorgeous all original and one-owner Sears Allstate/Puch Twingle motorcycle that we have ever seen! This vintage 2 stroke 250cc street bike was manufactured by Austrian manufacturer Puch and sold by Sears, Roebuck and Co. back in the 60’s. The Twingle engine was very unique in that it used 2 pistons on a single crankshaft and shared a single but double sleeved cylinder (hence the term Twin-gle).

1966 Twingle_b 1966 Twingle_a

With only 3000 miles on it and stored for years in an airport hanger, it is still in prime mechanical and cosmetic condition. It starts first or second kick and will get up to highway speed very quickly while running  amazingly strong and smooth.  Read the rest of this entry »

Riverside a Riverside b

Fully reconditioned Wards Riverside (Italian Benelli) 250d with the factory leg shields. Lots of rebuilt and new parts however the paint, body and seat are all original. This beautifully reconditioned bike features a rebuilt engine and cruises excellent at 30 mph. ($1200.00)

Stunning French 50V Motobecane that will impress you with it’s beautiful 36 year old black paint as well as it’s comfortable ride.  The AV7 engine in this model is variated, which allows for constant power and a smoother ride at all speeds.  It’s a great moped for heavier riders, or for those that have a hilly commute.

This moped has been completely reconditioned and is ready for you to ride.  $950.00

As with all of our mopeds, we offer a 30 day warranty on the engine, as well as free delivery within the Minneapolis/St Paul and St Cloud areas.

Please contact us for more information, or purchase it on line here.

Black Moby_b Black Moby_a

1965 Wards Riverside 150-D that was made by the Italian motorcycle company Benelli and sold by Montgomery Ward under their Riverside badging.  This moped was their base model and came with the same 49cc engine as the 250-D but with a standard saddle seat and a few less extras.

1965 Riverside Wards Moped 1965 Wards Riverside Moped

The older Benelli engines are very well built and include a simple single-speed drive and a automatic clutch that is very similar to the style that is found on single-speed Puch mopeds. The engine cylinder is made of heavy cast iron and the piston uses the same 40mm x 1.5mm chrome plated rings as Honda Hobbits do. What that all means is your engine should last for another 50 years with even basic care and maintenance. We can’t give you a 50 year warranty but we will include a full 30 day warranty on the entire moped. $975.00 delivered and full of gas!

A little more history on Montgomery Ward’s mopeds and motorcycles.  Read the rest of this entry »

1977 Reconditioned Piaggio/Vespa Ciao Deluxe.

1977 Vespa Ciao Deluxe_a 1977 Vespa Ciao Deluxe_a

1955 German Zundapp Norma Luxus motorcycle. This is a very rare barn-find and in phenomenal original condition. We have not attempted to start or clean up this machine. As tempting as it is to do so, we have decided to let the new owner have the honor. The 200cc engine spins nicely and the transmission seems to shift through all 4 gears. With only a few missing pieces like headlight bezel and switch, rear rack (or seat), grips, battery and throttle cable, this wonderful vintage 2 stroke motorcycle would make a easy restoration project for someone. Even better, spend a day working on it and ride it like it is!

“A moto can be restored 100 times but it is always just a restored bike. However, it can only be original once in it’s lifetime”

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1955_Zundapp 1955_Zundapp_i

1977 Yellow TriRad_b 1977 Yellow TriRad

1977 Yellow TriRad trike that is being offered as a used but perfect running moped.

We just serviced and tuned the engine and it is currently setup to reach a top speed of 35 mph! This all original and rare pedal start moped trike starts easily and features a single speed automatic 50cc engine and rear axle differential. It is reliable and could be driven anywhere but with the extra cargo room. You have the option to have us recondition the moped for an additional fee which would include new brakes, tires, rebuilt engine w/warranty, cables, powder coated wheels and basket, reset speedometer, cleaning/polishing and fully servicing the machine from front to back.  Free delivery within the Mpls/St Paul/St Cloud metro areas. $995.00

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This 1977 Egg Plant Puch Newport was well cared for and is still in almost pristine condition.  Both the original paint and the freshly polished chrome shine like new.  The color of this bike tends to change depending on the lighting.  Some times it looks brown; at other times, it looks like it is a deep purple or plum color.  No matter the color, you’re sure to turn some heads while riding this moped.  With a rebuilt E50 engine that gets up to speeds of over 30mph and new quality tires, you’ll enjoy your everyday outing, whether it be a pleasure ride, or a ride to work or the local store. $975.00

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Egg Plant Newport_b Egg Plant Newport_a

Freshly reconditioned silver Puch moped that is also in outstanding cosmetic condition.  New quality tires, rebuilt engine, reconditioned wheels and many other new parts. This moped has been serviced from end to end and professionally tuned. If you always dreamed of owning a genuine Puch Maxi that will look awesome, and generate endless smiles, stop dreaming and contact us today. $975.00

1978 Silver Puch Maxiluxe 1978 Silver Puch Maxiluxe_b

Free delivery anywhere in the Twin Cities/ St Cloud metro areas.

This silver Puch top tank Magnum II moped is in awesome shape and has just come out of a complete reconditioning. Magnum II mopeds feature a ZA50 2 speed automatic engine and spring suspension. This bike runs and feels like new. $1750.00

Magnum ii magnum ii

What is the difference between the Magnum XK, Magnum II and a Magnum MKII? Read the rest of this entry »