Fully reconditioned eggplant color Puch MaxiLuxe moped. Rebuilt hi-torque single speed engine and carb, new tires and brakes, electrical and many other new parts. This moped runs and feels like new and will be a reliable and fun form of transportation for anyone!

1978 Maxiluxe007 1978 Maxiluxe001

1978 Maxiluxe008 1978 Maxiluxe004 1978 Maxiluxe003 1978 Maxiluxe002

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Includes a 30 day warranty and Free delivery to anywhere in the Twin Cities or St Cloud metro area (Minnesota). This moped is also available with a few options like a Cat-Eye turn signal system, folding baskets or a set of pannier bags

Beautiful, like new condition RX50, which was a promotional bike for the larger Yamaha Midnight Special motorcycles. It has a 50cc 2-stroke, oil injected 5 speed engine which peaks at 7.5hp and a top speed of 55-60mph. It’s light weight and would be a great beginner bike. The bike is completely stock with 656 miles on it. The original owner’s manual and tool kit are still in the trunk. The battery was just replaced and the bike was just tuned. It’s titled and ready for you to ride in the spring. Very few were made and only a handful still exist. This is a true collector bike.

Yamaha rx50008  Yamaha rx50001

Yamaha rx50010 Yamaha rx50009 Yamaha rx50007 Yamaha rx50006

Yamaha rx50005 Yamaha rx50004 Yamaha rx50003 Yamaha rx50002

Purchase this bike now right here and we will deliver it to your driveway at no extra charge (between Minneapolis, St Paul and St Cloud areas). You can also reserve this bike for 60 days with only a small down payment. We will hold it at no extra charge until the weather warms up enough for you to ride it. Contact us for more information.

Fully restored and totally awesome 1977 Puch Maxi moped. Every part on this bike has been rebuilt, replaced or restored. The Maxi is the base model step-thru Puch that was the foundation for all the other models. It features a reliable single speed automatic E50 engine that is no more difficult to operate than a bicycle, but will effortlessly propel you to 30 mph! You can purchase this moped and enjoy it just the way it is, or have us install a few options like turn signals and rear baskets or bags. This bike will need some final adjustments such as tuning and road testing by us before it can be shipped or delivered; sometime between March 15th and April 1st. 

Pic185 Pic180

Pic187 Pic186 Pic184 Pic183

Pic181 Pic182 Pic188 Pic191

Purchase or Reserve this moped here now. A $400.00 deposit holds it for up to 90 days or until it warms up enough to ride!

This Red Puch Maxi comes with a 30 day warranty and free delivery (Mpls, St Paul or St Cloud areas). Contact us for more information.

Puch Sign139146 Puch Sign138146

Brand new large Puch logo signs. These signs are very high quality and commercial grade. Strong aluminum frames, UL approved multi-ballast and florescent lighting systems. By far the best built signs you will ever find. Use one in your moped shop, garage, office or business. Sign outside measurement is 22″ L x 22″ W x 3″ D and weighs approximately 21lb.

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By far the most gorgeous all original and one-owner Sears Allstate/Puch Twingle motorcycle that we have ever seen! This vintage 2 stroke 250cc street bike was manufactured by Austrian manufacturer Puch and sold by Sears, Roebuck and Co. back in the 60’s. The Twingle engine was very unique in that it used 2 pistons on a single crankshaft and shared a single but double sleeved cylinder (hence the term Twin-gle).

Sears SR250b

With only 3000 miles on it and stored for years in an airport hanger, it is still in prime mechanical and cosmetic condition. It starts first or second kick and will get up to highway speed very quickly while running  amazingly strong and smooth.  This motorcycle is being sold as a used motorcycle, but we will do a full servicing, tune-up and detailing on it first. New tires were installed 3 years ago, but I doubt there is even 100 miles on them. There are a few odds and end trim pieces like rubber footrests and grips that we will replace with reproduction parts but otherwise everything will stay original.  If you ever wanted a unique vintage 2 stroke bike to ride or to fully restore, this is your bike! Not only is this Puch original and  complete, it also comes with all the original sales information, salesman’s business card, paperwork, manuals, tools and more!

Sears SR250d Sears SR250e Sears SR250f Sears SR250g

You can also put a down-payment as little as $500.00 and we will hold it until this Spring! It is a titled motorcycle that can be shipped anywhere in the continental US. Contact us for more information or purchase it now here . Free delivery within the Minneapolis, St Paul or St Cloud areas. $3750.00

1966 Sears SR250i

The back story to this bike is what separates this one from any other motorcycle that we have ever sold. This classic motorcycle was purchased and owned by a remarkable and determined woman who bought it back in 1966 when she was in her 40’s . Back then, you rarely saw women buying and riding motorcycles,  especially of this size. She had always wanted a motorcycle and decided life was too short to wait. She carefully rode her motorcycle over the next 40 years…until she was in her 80’s! She only stopped riding because as she said, “It just has too much KICK’.

Sears SR250

Super rare and fully restored 1977 Puch TriRad moped trike. Rebuilt automatic single speed engine, new paint, rebuilt rear end, new tires and much, much more. This professionally restored moped was just completed and will be available for delivery or shipping just as soon as we can road test it and final tune it sometime between March 15th and April 1st. Contact us for more information or to reserve this bike! As with most of our restored and reconditioned vintage mopeds, this Puch comes with a full 30 day warranty and free local delivery. Purchase it here now!

red trirad

Sexy, beautiful and an absolutely perfect custom Puch Magnum that will take your breath away. This is one bike that really needs to be seen in person to really appreciate all the craftsmanship that was put into it’s creation. Stunning white reflective paint sparkles under the sun. Shiny bits of chrome and polished aluminum are well balanced against the satin black frame and wheels. The fully rebuilt engine was modified to be every bit as reliable as a stock moped, but with performance enhancements that will allow you to cruise all day long over 40mph. This custom vintage moped loves to be looked at almost as much as it likes to be ridden.

White Puch0061 White Puch0091

The custom built Puch started out as a commissioned project by a young local woman from the Minneapolis area. She sent us the barn fresh Magnum XK, and together we started working on plans for her ultimate dream moped that could keep up with her professional bicycle racing boyfriend. After many months of planning and accumulating parts, we began to build “Casper“.  Shortly after we began the build, she was involved in a terrible accident that left her unable to ride again, at least in the foreseeable future. We purchased the uncompleted project from her, and decided to finish what we started.

White Puch0041 White Puch0031 White Puch0011 White Puch0081 White Puch0001  White Puch0051 White Puch0071 White Puch000d

This wonderful Puch “Casper” is available now if you would like to purchase it. You can also put a down-payment as little as $400.00 and we will hold it until this Spring! It is a titled moped that can be shipped anywhere in the continental US. Contact us for more information or purchase it now here . 30 day warranty on the entire bike and free delivery within the Minneapolis, St Paul or St Cloud areas. $2650.00

Aahh! The Batavus Regency…one of our most beloved favorite moped models. They are well designed and built and absolutely a blast to ride. They sound good and start easy.  They are balanced and are comfortable enough to ride on all day.

1978 Batavus Regency 849293 1978 Batavus Regency 849293b

This particular Batavus is being listed and sold as a used moped but in reality, it is mostly reconditioned. Freshly painted tank,  new piston rings, reconditioned wheels and brakes, tuned and fully serviced from front wheel to rear. Test ride it today and you will be a Bat lover as well! $950.00 includes 30 day warranty and free local delivery  Contact us for more info or buy it now!

$200.00 Down Payment holds this until spring!

This beautiful classic 1977 rigid Vespa Ciao has just been fully serviced from front to back and is ready for another 35 years of fun! We’ve installed many new parts including a new quality tires. All major components have been serviced and inspected including reconditioning of the wheel and brake assemblies. The carb and exhaust systems were cleaned and the engine was tuned to run like it did when it first rolled off the factory floor.

1977 Vespa Piaggio Ciao  1977 Vespa Piaggio Ciao_2

Ciaos are quiet, lightweight, dependable and easy to start. Excellent all around commuter for the first time moped rider or just another fine addition to your moped stable. $700.00 delivered anywhere in the Twin Cities/St Cloud metro areas (Minnesota, USA) and a 30 day warranty. Contact us for more information or buy it now here!

The 1960 Motobecane AV89 mopeds, nicknamed Chaudron (meaning “old thumper”or “old barrel”) were considered the luxury models of their time and are highly sought after today for their styling and unique features

IMG_0445 IMG_0444

This particular bike was purchased in a town near Angoulême and has a interesting past. The moped was owned by a 85 year old farmer who rode it often and was known to take regular trips to Paris on it. Riding a moped to Paris may not sound so incredible until you realize that its a 4 hour drive in a car via the highway. Now, imagine someone in their mid eighties making that trip at 50km/hr (30 mph) along old country roads and dealing with bitter cold temperatures or pouring rain. That is one tough old man!

IMG_0122 IMG_0485

This moped is complete but is not currently running. The engine is stuck and there is a hole in the frame/tank so Maarten is including an additional good frame.

This Motobecane moped is located in The Dordogne, France but may be available to ship worldwide. It is solely the purchasers responsibility to make shipping or pick up arrangements. Maarten will assist and help in any reasonable way possible but all transportation and logistic costs and liability is strictly between the buyer and the shipping company. Some mopeds, depending on the make and model may be able to be disassembled for parcel type shipment. Please contact Maarten to inquire about this bike or others. Contact Maarten Here