Here is an excellent reconditioned German made traditional step-thru moped. It is a true Sachs which means that the entire bike, chassis and engine, were manufactured in former West Germany. The uniqueness of this moped is that it is powered by a Sachs 505-1D engine which was more commonly found in sportier top-tank models like the Prima G3. In its stock state, it will run strongly at 30 mph all day long but has the capability of speeds over 40 mph with minimal enhancements.

We’ve rebuilt the engine and carb, installed new tires and brakes and then serviced this moped from front to back while replacing or repairing many parts along the way. Sachs engines are very, very reliable and start effortlessly every time.  30 day warranty on the engine and free delivery to the Mpls/St Paul/St Cloud area and their suburbs. $925.00

1978 Blue Sachs Balboa006511069313  1978 Blue Sachs Balboa001511069313

1978 Blue Sachs Balboa010511069313 1978 Blue Sachs Balboa009511069313 1978 Blue Sachs Balboa008511069313 1978 Blue Sachs Balboa007511069313

1978 Blue Sachs Balboa005511069313 1978 Blue Sachs Balboa004511069313 1978 Blue Sachs Balboa003511069313 1978 Blue Sachs Balboa002511069313

If you are going to use this retro-ride as a grocery getter, we have vintage folding baskets available for installation. Other options available are soft vinyl bags and original blinker systems. Buy this moped here or contact us for more information. Test rides are strongly encouraged!

1978 Blue Sachs Balboa011511069313 1978 Blue Sachs Balboa012511069313

Chrome, chrome and more chrome! This reconditioned moped from Holland’s Sparta Co. is without a doubt one of the highest quality bikes to ever be exported to the United States back in the late 70′s. The GT Deluxe model came with a full front and rear hydraulic suspension, high and low beam headlight, loud horn, chrome luggage rack, high quality and comfortable long seat and many other features not found on the majority of mopeds back then! This outstanding looking Netherlands classic runs like new with its freshly rebuilt German Sachs 504-1A engine. We installed new brakes, tires, magneto coils, grips along with fully servicing this bike from front to back! Even the speedometer was rebuilt and the odometer reset back to zero. Includes free delivery throughout the Minneapolis/St Paul/St Cloud metro areas and a 30 day warranty on the engine.  Buy it here or contact us for more information. $975.00

Original tool kit and a copy of the owners manual included. Optional Baskets, Bags and Cat-Eye turn-signal system available at additional costs.

Sparta Foxi Moped009116051 Sparta Foxi Moped001116051

Sparta Foxi Moped014116051 Sparta Foxi Moped013116051 Sparta Foxi Moped012116051 Sparta Foxi Moped011116051

Sparta Foxi Moped008116051 Sparta Foxi Moped007116051 Sparta Foxi Moped006116051 Sparta Foxi Moped005116051

Sparta Foxi Moped004116051 Sparta Foxi Moped003116051 Sparta Foxi Moped002116051 Sparta Foxi Moped010116051

A very clean and recently reconditioned 1977 Puch Newport moped that has been thoroughly gone through and serviced from the front wheel bearings to the rear brakes. The 2 hp engine and carb have been fully rebuilt and it runs perfect. Top speed is over 30 mph! The headlight, brake light, tail light, horn and everything else works just like  it did 35 years ago. The seat vinyl has been repaired on this bike so it is not perfect but it is still meets our high quality standards!

Original Puch tool pouch that hangs behind the seat is included and we will even toss in an extra new spark plug so you have some to carry in it!

If you are looking for a jump-on-and-go type of vintage pedal moped, then you can stop looking! It’s here waiting for you! This moped would be great for just about anyone, especially if you are new to classic 2 stroke mopeds due to its over-all lightweight design and simple to operate features. This bike starts very easily and will be reliable enough to take anywhere at anytime.

Call us and then come out to test ride this moped and others. Nice long test rides are strongly encouraged!

Full tank of gas and Free delivery to the Minneapolis, St Paul or St Cloud, MN areas, Of course, the moped also comes with a full 30 day warranty on the engine! Buy it here or contact us for more information $850.00

Yellow Newport15 Yellow Newport05

Yellow Newport20 Yellow Newport18 Yellow Newport21 Yellow Newport34


Pair of matching reconditioned Puch Maxi mopeds.  $1700.00

Red Puch Maxi100_7754 Red Puch Maxi100_7752


Reconditioned 1978 Red Puch Maxi. Overall it is in excellent shape. This was the standard issue Maxi base model that solidified the wonderful Puch moped reputation here in the US back in the late 70′s. It was light, simple to own and ride, quality built and nice to look at. This one has been fully reconditioned including a rebuilt engine and new tires for starters!  Price includes a 30 day warranty on the engine and free delivery in the Minneapolis/St Paul/St Cloud metro areas. (Saddlebags not included) $850.00 

1978 Red Maxi100_7767 1978 Red Maxi100_7758

1978 Red Maxi100_7764 1978 Red Maxi100_7762 1978 Red Maxi100_7761 1978 Red Maxi100_7760

You can purchase it here or contact us for more information.

Freshly reconditioned and ready for Spring! 1985 Burgundy Puch Maxi LS with a reliable single speed E50 engine. Like all our reconditioned mopeds, this LS (long seat) model features a rebuilt engine, new tires and front to back servicing of all components! If you are looking for reliability in a vintage moped along with silky-smooth comfort, this Puch is your ride! $795.00

100_7685 100_7676

100_7691 100_7686 100_7681 100_7679

30 day warranty on the engine and free delivery within the Twin Cities and St Cloud metro areas. Optional turn signals available for this moped

Look really close! It is beautifully preserved and now also completely reconditioned.  This 2HP gold Puch Maxi II/auto shift that was owned by a wonderful woman who took very good care of it. She purchased it new in 1982 and was its sole owner and operator. Her husband at the time was against her buying the bike and felt it was a waste of time and money. She she told us how some of her fondest memories were from years ago with that bike and how she toted her young children around with it! Her prized gold moped stayed faithful to her for the last 32 years. Her husband left a long time before that!

1979 maxi II moped011 1979 maxi II moped003

1979 maxi II moped019 1979 maxi II moped016 1979 maxi II moped014 1979 maxi II moped005

1979 maxi II moped013 1979 maxi II moped012 1979 maxi II moped009 1979 maxi II moped006

This Puch has all the good stuff like a professionally rebuilt 2 speed engine, high-torque cylinder, Maxi-Luxe chrome trim, heavy-duty rear shocks, new quality tires and a rebuilt Cat-Eye turn signal system that has been on the bike since it was new This great vintage moped has been serviced and reconditioned from front to back and should give you many years of trouble free use just as it did for the previous owner.

Of course it will also come with full 30 day warranty on the engine and you can have it delivered free of charge if you are within a reasonable distance from us. Sorry but San Fransisco is not a reasonable distance!

Come out and see us and reserve this bike now! $975.00

Purchase it here or Contact us for more information

Fully restored green 1978 Puch Maxi-Luxe. This moped has a mildly modified rebuilt engine and carb and cruises nicely at around 35 mph. It sounds good and rides great. It’s comfortable, reliable and tight. There are many, many new parts including paint, graphics, brakes, tires, mirror, grips, speedo, electrical, ignition, and engine parts. Free delivery and a complete 30 day warranty on the entire moped $1300.00

1978 Green Maxiluxe100_7790 1978 Green Maxiluxe100_7789

1978 Green Maxiluxe100_7795 1978 Green Maxiluxe100_7793 1978 Green Maxiluxe100_7789 1978 Green Maxiluxe100_7788

1978 Green Maxiluxe100_7785 1978 Green Maxiluxe100_7782 1978 Green Maxiluxe100_7781 1978 Green Maxiluxe100_7778


Bags, turn signals or folding baskets available at additional cost

Purchase this moped here or contact us

This red single speed 1979 Maxi is fully reconditioned and is the pick of the litter!  The bright and shiny original paint and graphics are in near perfect condition and we completely reconditioned the rest of the bike. The engine was rebuilt and many new parts were installed including the tires.  This beautiful little moped comes with free delivery to the Minneapolis/St Paul/St Cloud areas and a 30 day warranty on the engine.  We also have vintage turn signal systems and folding side baskets that are available and can be installed prior to delivery on this model! $900.00

Absolutely the best looking red Maxi moped you will ever own! Purchase this moped here or contact us for more information.

1978 Red Maxi100_7729 1978 Red Maxi100_7743

1978 Red Maxi100_7737 1978 Red Maxi100_7722 1979 Red Maxi100_7748 1979 Red Maxi100_7745


This particular green 1978 Sachs Westlake bike was just fully reconditioned and is ready to ride.  The single speed high-output 504-1D moped engine and carb were professionally rebuilt but the reconditioning process didn’t stop there.  The ignition system was tested, timed and adjusted and new parts installed. The wheels were rebuilt with new axles, bearings and brakes and of course we installed a new quality set of IRC 17″ x 2.25″ tires. The speedometer was serviced and the odometer reset back to zero miles.  Cables, controls and chains were all cleaned, lubed, serviced and adjusted and the entire electrical system was also inspected and tested with all new bulbs being installed. We topped it all off with some new grips,  a couple of new decals and a lot of polishing.  For only $925.00, this green machine comes with a 30 day warranty and free delivery within the Minneapolis/St Paul/St Cloud metro areas.

1979 sachs moped033-100_7654  1979 sachs moped022-100_7643

1979 sachs moped039-100_7660 1979 sachs moped034-100_7655 1979 sachs moped029-100_7650 1979 sachs moped027-100_7648

1979 sachs moped026-100_7647 1979 sachs moped025-100_7646 1979 sachs moped023-100_7644 1979 sachs moped033-100_7654

The infamous Sachs “D” engines are well sought after and have a reputation as having the highest horsepower rating of any stock moped of its era. Most had an output of around 2.7 hp as compared to the regulatory 2.0 hp as required in most states. But it’s not just the engine that sets this moped apart from the others. The Westlake is a quality built Sachs model and was produced in West Germany in a partnership with the DKW/Hercules Co. who supplied the well engineer chassis and assembled the bikes along with other models like the Balboa, Suburban, Prima and G3. Though the Sachs 505 and 504 series engines were supplied to many manufacturers for use in their own mopeds, only a few models are considered “true” Sachs and were produced 100% in former West Germany and bared the Sachs name on the sides of the tank. Many other bikes were fitted with the reliable Sachs engines but were produced and imported from Taiwan and did not meet or carry the same quality standards as the Sachs label.