Super rare and fully restored 1977 Puch TriRad moped trike. Rebuilt automatic single speed engine, new paint, rebuilt rear end, new tires and much, much more. This professionally restored moped was just completed and will be available for delivery or shipping just as soon as we can road test it and final tune it sometime between March 15th and April 1st. Contact us for more information or to reserve this bike! As with most of our restored and reconditioned vintage mopeds, this Puch comes with a full 30 day warranty and free local delivery.

red trirad

Sexy, beautiful and an absolutely perfect custom Puch Magnum that will take your breath away. This is one bike that really needs to be seen in person to really appreciate all the craftsmanship that was put into it’s creation. Stunning white reflective paint sparkles under the sun. Shiny bits of chrome and polished aluminum are well balanced against the satin black frame and wheels. The fully rebuilt engine was modified to be every bit as reliable as a stock moped, but with performance enhancements that will allow you to cruise all day long over 40mph. This custom vintage moped loves to be looked at almost as much as it likes to be ridden.

White Puch0061 White Puch0091

The custom built Puch started out as a commissioned project by a young local woman from the Minneapolis area. She sent us the barn fresh Magnum XK, and together we started working on plans for her ultimate dream moped that could keep up with her professional bicycle racing boyfriend. After many months of planning and accumulating parts, we began to build “Casper“.  Shortly after we began the build, she was involved in a terrible accident that left her unable to ride again, at least in the foreseeable future. We purchased the uncompleted project from her, and decided to finish what we started.

White Puch0041 White Puch0031 White Puch0011 White Puch0081 White Puch0001  White Puch0051 White Puch0071 White Puch000d

This wonderful Puch “Casper” is available now if you would like to purchase it. It is a titled moped that can be shipped anywhere in the continental US. Contact us for more information or purchase it now here. 30 day warranty on the entire bike and free delivery within the Minneapolis, St Paul or St Cloud areas. $2650.00

Aahh! The Batavus Regency…one of our most beloved favorite moped models. They are well designed and built and absolutely a blast to ride. They sound good and start easy.  They are balanced and are comfortable enough to ride on all day.

1978 Batavus Regency 849293 1978 Batavus Regency 849293b

This particular Batavus is being listed and sold as a used moped but in reality, it is mostly reconditioned. Freshly painted tank,  new piston rings, reconditioned wheels and brakes, tuned and fully serviced from front wheel to rear. Test ride it today and you will be a Bat lover as well! $800.00 includes 30 day warranty and free local delivery  Contact us for more info or buy it now!

This beautiful classic 1977 rigid Vespa Ciao has just been fully serviced from front to back and is ready for another 35 years of fun! We’ve installed many new parts including a new quality tires. All major components have been serviced and inspected including reconditioning of the wheel and brake assemblies. The carb and exhaust systems were cleaned and the engine was tuned to run like it did when it first rolled off the factory floor.

1977 Vespa Piaggio Ciao  1977 Vespa Piaggio Ciao_2

Ciaos are quiet, lightweight, dependable and easy to start. Excellent all around commuter for the first time moped rider or just another fine addition to your moped stable. $700.00 delivered anywhere in the Twin Cities/St Cloud metro areas (Minnesota, USA) and a 30 day warranty. Contact us for more information or buy it now here!

The 1960 Motobecane AV89 mopeds, nicknamed Chaudron (meaning “old thumper”or “old barrel”) were considered the luxury models of their time and are highly sought after today for their styling and unique features

IMG_0445 IMG_0444

This particular bike was purchased in a town near Angoulême and has a interesting past. The moped was owned by a 85 year old farmer who rode it often and was known to take regular trips to Paris on it. Riding a moped to Paris may not sound so incredible until you realize that its a 4 hour drive in a car via the highway. Now, imagine someone in their mid eighties making that trip at 50km/hr (30 mph) along old country roads and dealing with bitter cold temperatures or pouring rain. That is one tough old man!

IMG_0122 IMG_0485

This moped is complete but is not currently running. The engine is stuck and there is a hole in the frame/tank so Maarten is including an additional good frame.

This Motobecane moped is located in The Dordogne, France but may be available to ship worldwide. It is solely the purchasers responsibility to make shipping or pick up arrangements. Maarten will assist and help in any reasonable way possible but all transportation and logistic costs and liability is strictly between the buyer and the shipping company. Some mopeds, depending on the make and model may be able to be disassembled for parcel type shipment. Please contact Maarten to inquire about this bike or others. Contact Maarten Here


Awesome and Extremely Rare! Running 1959 Lucer Special Sport

IMG_0425  IMG_0428

This Lucer Spécial Sport was previously owned by a French Air Force captain who was based out of far northern France near the town of Hazebrouck (near Lille, Dunkirk, etc). After WWII, Hazebouck became the  epicenter for  bicycle and moped production including one very famous manufacturer, Lucer.  Lucer (later acquired by VAP SA) built quality machines and had much influence on the growing industry. Though their bicycle and moped production ceased many decades ago, their heritage stills remains strong even today in that area.

The captain had purchased the aging Lucer locally there with plans of making it his post retirement restoration project but it ended up just sitting in isolation inside the pilot’s barn located in Église-Neuve-de-Vergt, France. He thought often about his soon to be prized Lucer top-tank moped and how he would one day return it to it’s glorious original condition. But those countryside trips on her through the rolling back roads of rural France never materialized past a daydream or two. Finally, one day not to long ago while the pilot and his lovely wife were cleaning their barn, she issued him the ultimate command, “get rid of the moped!”


The pilot reluctantly put up his Lucer for sale and Maarten went to work trying to acquire it from him for his own roaming collection. After much negotiating, some cash and a good bottle of wine, the Lucer became Maarten’s. The pilot’s wife is once again cooking dinners for him.

This Lucer moped is located in The Dordogne, France but may be available to ship worldwide. It is solely the purchasers responsibility to make shipping or pick up arrangements. Maarten will assist and help in any reasonable way possible but all transportation and logistic costs and liability is strictly between the buyer and the shipping company. Some mopeds, depending on the make and model may be able to be disassembled for parcel type shipment. Please contact Maarten to inquire about this bike or others. Contact Maarten Here

Vespa/Piaggio has always been Italy’s prize manufacturer in small scooters and motorbikes and their line of pedal mopeds were of no exception. Advanced engineering and many years to master their designs, Vespa has produced quality mopeds and the Grande model was right there at the top.

Up for sale is a fully reconditioned Silver Vespa Grande Moped that will get you to wherever you want to go in a smooth, quiet and comfortable fashion. The Grande model features a very heavy duty chassis, super comfy seat with room for a passenger, rear foot pegs, flip-up seat, extra wide tires and hydraulic front suspension. It also has a belt driven variable transmission to help with keeping the power even at all speeds

Vespa Grande 000-011500 Vespa Grande 008-011500

This Grande has a fully rebuilt engine, carb, transmission and rear variator. It has been professionally tuned and runs awesome. It also has many new parts installed including tires, cables, brakes, lighting and more! Contact us for more information or buy it here! 30 day warranty on the engine plus we will deliver it for free if you are located somewhere between Mpls/St Paul and St Cloud. If not, we will assist in shipping it just about anywhere. $850.00

Vespa Grande 009-011500 Vespa Grande 007-011500 Vespa Grande 009-011500Vespa Grande 001-011500 Vespa Grande 006-011500 Vespa Grande 005-011500 Vespa Grande 002-011500 Vespa Grande 004-011500

Once you ride a Batavus Regency top-tank moped, you will understand why they are one of our most favorite bikes. The Regency is different than most other Batavus mopeds due mainly to it’s use of the Laura M56 engine as opposed to the much more common Laura M48. The Laura M56 is a very smooth and reliable power-plant that features a Niksal plated cylinder, reed valve intake and belt driven transmission.

Batavus020SaukRapids    Batavus015SaukRapids - Copy

This particular moped is ready for endless fun! It has some dings and scratches but is in overall excellent condition. We didn’t fully recondition it but we did fully service the entire bike and installed new quality tires and other parts. It runs like new and will cruise all day very nicely at 30 mph and dodge gawkers and onlookers with precision.

Batavus018SaukRapids - Copy

$850.00 and free delivery throughout the Twin Cities/St Cloud metro areas. also includes a 30 day engine warranty. Contact us here for more information or buy it now here!


Ultra rare sparkling blue Puch TriRad trike moped that has been professionally restored to museum quality. Everything on this bike has been rebuilt, replaced or meticulously restored. The Puch ZA50 engine is a pedal start, 2 speed automatic with a top speed of approximately 35 mph and 100 mpg. Lots of torque, very dependable and amazingly fun to ride. Take it anywhere that you don’t mind a lot of attention. Here is your chance to own something that few people ever will. The bike comes with a full warranty and free delivery within 100 miles of the Minneapolis area. New title, current tabs and less than 50 miles on the odometer! Willing to take $50.00 off the price if you can come out and test ride it without smiling. It can’t be done! $2800.00 delivered.

Blue TriRad18

Everything about this unique vintage moped is sheer awesomeness. When you sit on it for the first time, your eyes examine the components and controls that are polished to a mirror-like finish. Everything is tight and fully functional. The windshield can be removed in a matter of seconds but you have already decided to leave it always attached. The original blinker system that was offered as an option in 1978 has been fully rebuilt as well and you move the directional switch back and forth testing out the blinkers as kind of a pre-ride safety inspection.

Blue TriRad13 Blue TriRad17 Blue TriRad16 Blue TriRad15

Okay, you didn’t come to just sit on it with a big grin making imaginary motor sounds under your breath; you came to ride it! You release the parking brake and give the trike a couple of cranks with the pedals and pull in the starter clutch. The moped comes to life and you are off into the wind leaving the world behind. As you quickly get up to around 15 mph, you hear the engine effortlessly shift into 2nd gear and now the adrenaline starts flowing! This is so much fun and not what you were imagining the ride to be like. The TriRad is very smooth and much more powerful than the old moped you had as a kid.

Blue TriRad14 Blue TriRad12 Blue TriRad11 Blue TriRad10

The engine was fully rebuilt with mild modifications made to accommodate the heavier bike but without any added noise levels or the diminishing of reliability. It climbs hills with ease and keeps up with traffic on the city streets.

Blue TriRad09 Blue TriRad08 Blue TriRad07  Blue TriRad06

There is a small learning curve when riding a motorized trike for the first time. You steer it more like a car as opposed to leaning like a bicycle when cornering. You slow down and shift your body weight into the curve. Once you are through the curve, you twist the throttle again and the TriRad is quickly once again climbing past 30 mph!

Blue TriRad05 Blue TriRad03 Blue TriRad04 Blue TriRad01

The suspension adequately absorbs all the little bumps you encounter but you probably wouldn’t have noticed even if it hadn’t; you were just too busy waving at everyone that you encountered while on your test ride. You signal your final turn back into the parking lot here and toot the horn in approval as you bring the moped to a gentle stop and turn the ignition switch off.  Absolutely AMAZING!

Blue TriRad02

We also have a red TriRad that will be restored if blue just doesn’t do it for you!

Beautiful and hard to find “eggplant” Maxi-luxe that has just been fully serviced and is now looking for a new home. Completely stock and original, this moped is in amazing condition and runs like it did when it came off the factory over 35 years ago!

30 day warranty and free delivery to the Twin Cities/St Cloud metro areas $900.00 Buy here or contact us for more information

MaxiLuxe009-9430680 MaxiLuxe024-9430680

MaxiLuxe025-9430680 MaxiLuxe022-9430680 MaxiLuxe020-9430680 MaxiLuxe016-9430680

MaxiLuxe019-9430680 MaxiLuxe017-9430680 MaxiLuxe010-9430680 MaxiLuxe009-9430680