1955 German Zundapp Norma Luxus motorcycle. This is a very rare barn-find and in phenomenal original condition. We have not attempted to start or clean up this machine. As tempting as it is to do so, we have decided to let the new owner have the honor. The 200cc engine spins nicely and the transmission seems to shift through all 4 gears. With only a few missing pieces like headlight bezel and switch, rear rack (or seat), grips, battery and throttle cable, this wonderful vintage 2 stroke motorcycle would make a easy restoration project for someone. Even better, spend a day working on it and ride it like it is!

“A moto can be restored 100 times but it is always just a restored bike. However, it can only be original once in it’s lifetime”

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1955_Zundapp 1955_Zundapp_i

1955_Zundapp_b 1955_Zundapp_c 1955_Zundapp_d 1955_Zundapp_e

1955_Zundapp_f 1955_Zundapp_g 1955_Zundapp_J 1955_Zundapp_K

1977 Yellow TriRad_b 1977 Yellow TriRad

1977 Yellow TriRad trike that is being offered as a used but perfect running moped.

We just serviced and tuned the engine and it is currently setup to reach a top speed of 35 mph! This all original and rare pedal start moped trike starts easily and features a single speed automatic 50cc engine and rear axle differential. It is reliable and could be driven anywhere but with the extra cargo room. You have the option to have us recondition the moped for an additional fee which would include new brakes, tires, rebuilt engine w/warranty, cables, powder coated wheels and basket, reset speedometer, cleaning/polishing and fully servicing the machine from front to back.  Free delivery within the Mpls/St Paul/St Cloud metro areas. $995.00

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This 1977 Egg Plant Puch Newport was well cared for and is still in almost pristine condition.  Both the original paint and the freshly polished chrome shine like new.  The color of this bike tends to change depending on the lighting.  Some times it looks brown; at other times, it looks like it is a deep purple or plum color.  No matter the color, you’re sure to turn some heads while riding this moped.  With a rebuilt E50 engine that gets up to speeds of over 30mph and new quality tires, you’ll enjoy your everyday outing, whether it be a pleasure ride, or a ride to work or the local store. $975.00

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Egg Plant Newport_b Egg Plant Newport_a

Freshly reconditioned silver Puch moped that is also in outstanding cosmetic condition.  New quality tires, rebuilt engine, reconditioned wheels and many other new parts. This moped has been serviced from end to end and professionally tuned. If you always dreamed of owning a genuine Puch Maxi that will look awesome, and generate endless smiles, stop dreaming and contact us today. $975.00

1978 Silver Puch Maxiluxe 1978 Silver Puch Maxiluxe_b

Free delivery anywhere in the Twin Cities/ St Cloud metro areas.

This silver Puch top tank Magnum II moped is in awesome shape and has just come out of a complete reconditioning. Magnum II mopeds feature a ZA50 2 speed automatic engine and spring suspension. This bike runs and feels like new. $1750.00

Magnum  ii magnum ii

What is the difference between the Magnum XK, Magnum II and a Magnum MKII? The original Magnums starting in 1978 were the basic red single speed XK and a heavy-duty silver Magnum MKII model that featured oil-injection, hydraulic suspension and a 2 speed ZA50 engine. The MKII also came with alloy wheels and a gauge cluster “Dash”. In 1980, the Magnum XK was replaced with the Magnum II. The biggest difference was that the Magnum II now came with a 2 speed engine (without oil injection) and a different paint scheme. Some MKII models had additional features like a factory turn signal option, keyed dash, special mag wheels and special paint schemes and even factory installed turn signals!

Magnum XK

Magnum II

Magnum MKII

  • E50 1 Speed Engine
  • ZA50 2 Speed Engine
  • ZA50 2 Speed Engine
  • Mixed Gas
  • Mixed Gas
  • Oil Injected
  • Red Paint
  • Silver Paint
  • Silver Paint
  • Spring Suspension
  • Spring Suspension
  • Hydraulic Suspension
  • Chrome Wheels
  • Chrome Wheels
  • Alloy Mag Wheels
  • No Speedo Dash
  • No Speedo Dash
  • Speedo Dash

For more information, visit our technical and manual section and page through the different parts books.

Reconditioned MKII Magnum Moped, also known as the “UPS” Magnum due to it’s metallic brown and gold paint colors. This moped has front and rear full hydraulic suspension, new tires, and freshly powder coated gold rims.

As with all of our reconditioned mopeds, everything has been rebuilt or serviced on this bike.  $1750

Magnum  mkii Magnum mkii

1968 Wards Riverside b 1968 Wards Riverside

Beautiful 1968 Wards Riverside (Benelli) 125cc motorcycle. All original and low mileage 2 stroke classic bike. Many new parts parts including NOS ignition/magneto, headlamp, fuel petcocks, battery, ect. This vintage single cylinder motorcycle (“D” model) came out of the factory with a large/small combination rear sprocket to differentiate how you would best use and ride the bike.  For hilly off road or city riding, use the large sprocket for excellent low-end power but with a top speed of a little over 40 mph. For riding distance and keeping up with back-road traffic, use the small sprocket for higher speed. $1895.00

Contact us here for more information or purchase it online now. You can also reserve and have us hold the motorcycle for up to 60 days with as little as a $400 down-payment and no added fees

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Fully reconditioned 1985 Tomos Bullet with a 2 speed automatic engine.

IMG_1353 IMG_1355

Fully reconditioned 1981 Puch Newport single speed moped in the hard to find black color. This moped starts very easily and runs awesome with it rebuilt engine and drive-train. New brakes, tires, seat, electrical, ignition parts; the list goes on and on! We gave this Puch a little extra punch with a small performance pipe and some minor engine port work. It has all around excellent power and a top speed in excess of 35 mph. Perfect for inner-city commuting!  $950.00

Black_Puch002 Black_Puch001 30 day mechanical warranty and free delivery anywhere within the St Paul, Minneapolis and St Cloud metro areas! Contact us for more information or purchase it here now.

Used 1979 blue Motobecane 50V moped. Fully tuned and serviced from front to rear with lots of new parts including quality tires. All original and in excellent condition. Lots of pulling power for streets with hills and changing elevations. Easily reaches a top speed of 35 mph. “Mobys” also have very comfortable seats and plenty of room for a passenger. $875.00

Blue Moby 2 Blue Moby 1

This classic pedal start moped includes free delivery to the MPLS/St Paul/St Cloud areas. Contact us for more information or you can purchase this moped here.

$200.00 will hold this bike for up to 60 days!